UUID: show-remote-ip-desklet@nejdetckenobi
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2 years ago 2021-02-06, 10:15
Last commit: [09a694ff] All desklets: Icon relocation & minor fixes (#602)

A desklet that shows your remote IP address

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Brian Read
Brian Read-2 years ago
My Ip address is changed everytime I re-boot my server. But this app stays on the same (previous) Ip. It gets update3d if I restart Cinnamon. Could it check every (say) 5 minutes for an IP change?
iriki-2 years ago
Hello. How do I get the desklet to show only IPv4? At the moment, only IPv6 addresses are shown.
Colt Burdin
Colt Burdin-2 years ago
How do you remove the decorator I tried setting it to true in the config