Host Check

UUID: hostcheck@schorschii
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4 weeks ago 2024-05-15, 10:43
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Checks a host via ping or HTTP(S) and displays if it is available.



Host Check (Monitoring) Desklet

  • Monitor a host via ping or HTTP(S)
  • Optionally shows desktop notifications when state changed
  • /bin/ping must be available for ping checks


  • first version by schorschii
  • version 1.2 by Gujenczek

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pschuett-1 year ago
Hello, it is very useful. Is it possible to set the user-agent of curl to filter it from server log files?
old ogre
old ogre-1 year ago
Is there any way to make the Host Check desklet always stay on top of all other desktop objects? or as another poster asked, to have this nice little app load into the Panel?
Teofast-2 years ago
would it be possible to show average latency figure besides ok/warn text? Thank you.
leoneii-3 years ago
Hello!!! Is it possible to make such an applet to place it on the panel? The desktop is not always visible. please !!
Fedor Elizarov
Fedor Elizarov-4 years ago
Simple and userfull! Thanks!