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A viewer for today's xkcd comic



To configure this desklet, edit the metadata.json file.

The "quality" can be:

  • 0: Fastest rendering will use nearest neighbour interpolation when rendering. good setting.
  • 1: Higher quality rendering without using extra resources.
  • 2: Render the texture with the best quality available using extra memory.

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Darker7-1 year ago
The tooltip doesn't work. You need to use a Clutter.Text for it :Ü™
Sayanel01-3 years ago
Hi ! Why is the part about tooltip commented ? Would be great to have also xkcd tooltip which usually contains additional joke Cool work by the work
Andrei Miculita
Andrei Miculita-3 years ago
Ooh I like the idea :) Would be nice if there was a way to snap it to the center of the screen no matter the image size (and maybe remove the border).
foxrumor-4 years ago
I don't like that it doesn't keep the size the same. Some of the comics literally fill my whole screen. Doesn't work for a widget.
Fonstw-4 years ago
I can't see the tooltip messages, which often contain the real punchline. This really takes away the XKCD-ness for me.
Aaron Wallentine
Aaron Wallentine-4 years ago
Yes, likewise ... a workaround could be a context-menu to open the xkcd.com url for the given comic so that it can be seen ...
msegmx-4 years ago
Works with LM 19. Great work! Could implement a "show random xkcd" feature when right clicked?
Gaurav-4 years ago
Ah, I see the developer of this Desklet is a man of culture as well. Thanks, works smooth.
Ondřej Chmelař
Ondřej Chmelař-6 years ago
Great one. Only downside is that it doesn't respect scaling on hi-dpi displays. Any chance of getting a fix? Could it be done via editing .local/share/cinnamon/desklets/xkcd@rjanja/stylesheet.css?