xkcd comics viewer

by rjanja
UUID: xkcd@rjanja
Score: 3
Last edited: 4 months ago
Last commit: d408c1557b304e037faea07fde89017bdd2bda17

A viewer for today's xkcd comic

To configure this desklet, edit the metadata.json file.

The "quality" can be:

  • 0: Fastest rendering will use nearest neighbour interpolation when rendering. good setting.
  • 1: Higher quality rendering without using extra resources.
  • 2: Render the texture with the best quality available using extra memory.

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Ondřej Chmelař
Ondřej Chmelař-1 month ago
Great one. Only downside is that it doesn't respect scaling on hi-dpi displays. Any chance of getting a fix? Could it be done via editing .local/share/cinnamon/desklets/xkcd@rjanja/stylesheet.css?