Command result desklet

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1 week ago 2020-03-27, 06:00 UTC
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A desklet that displays command result.

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ZimiZones-1 week ago
Style settings added!
Peter-1 week ago
Thanks a lot! I love it! (Also the new option for command time outs) This is just if you have time: I wanted a cow to tell me the current time on my desktop. So I tried this as a command: cowsay $(date +"%A %B %d, %I:%M %p") ... Don't try it! It will kill the cow! ... Is it possible to add an option to preserve the formatting of the command output? (seems like the desklet automatically deletes white spaces)
ZimiZones-2 weeks ago
Will see if I can do that soon ;)
peter-urban-3 weeks ago
I really like the idea and it works fine so far. Some theming options would be nice. e.g. Transperancy, backgroundcolor, maybe font/font color For me the background is gray (like my mint menu) with no transparency. And that does not really fit. Thanks for sharing!
Hyperion-3 weeks ago
Nice desklet! I just had to adjust the default hostname -I as it displays awfully long IPv6 addresses. May I suggest a background transparency slider? The background seems to be completely gone on my Cinnamon 4.4.8