COVID-19 India Quick Stats

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Displays Quick Stats about COVID-19 in India!



COVID-19 India Quick Stats

The COVID-19 India Desklet allows you to see the latest stats about the Coronavirus statistics for India. The data on the Desklet is refreshed every 300 seconds and information is fetched from the website below. You can also see a 30 day graph of the data to see the trends of number of patients found, recovered, and died.


I added the logo from, as they state, that it is Free for personal and commercial purpose with attribution. Icons made by Freepik from

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MarcoB-0049-2 weeks ago
And thanks a lot for the good work on the Desklet!
Sujit Agarwal
Sujit Agarwal-2 weeks ago
Thank you! Meanwhile, The Desklet has just been updated with a few cool new features... do take a look at it
MarcoB-0049-2 weeks ago
Yes, I know M$- WIN but only as an example ;-) For Win10/8 sidebar (8GadgetPack) there is now a similar gadget:
mfreeman72-3 weeks ago
It would be great if there was a desklet like this that could display any country's COVID-19 info.
Sujit Agarwal
Sujit Agarwal-3 weeks ago
There's another desklet coming soon like this for all country records...