Mintoo - The Mint Assistant

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A friendly assistant for your Linux Mint.



Mintoo - The Mint Assistant

The Mintoo - The Mint Assistant is a friendly assistant for your Linux Mint that'll make your daily work flow easier. The current version supports the functionalities to lock screen, shutdown, reboot, logout from Linux Mint.

More features and customization options coming soon.

Disclaimer - I added the logo from, as they state, that it is Free for personal and commercial purpose with attribution. Icons made by Freepik from

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firewiremb-2 years ago
Good idea, I would find it even better if I could deactivate the "Would you like to shut down the system now?" Dialog, so that the system shuts down immediately without further request.
Sujit Agarwal
Sujit Agarwal-1 year ago
I think that can be configured in the power settings
PatrickLiniger-2 years ago
hello, you can set the power button to do that (and other behaviours)
pabloantunes-2 years ago
It seems great in my desktop. I will give it a try.
Sujit Agarwal
Sujit Agarwal-1 year ago
Awesome. Thank you! :)
paulsurman-2 years ago
Don't usually use Desklets but am using Mintoo, like Linux Mint it works perfectly and looks stylish. Excellent job. Thanks.
Sujit Agarwal
Sujit Agarwal-2 years ago
Thanks for the positive review! Much appreciated.
ben2talk-3 years ago
Lolz my bad - it's a desklet shortcut
ben2talk-3 years ago
Can't see anything at all after downloading...