ClockTow desklet

UUID: clockTow@armandobs14
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11 months ago 2019-10-19, 14:53
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A fork desklet that displays the time

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Antoine Regembal
Antoine Regembal-6 months ago
Hi, should be updated because I can't configure it. Can't we configure the desklet by modifying the code ?
Antoine Regembal
Antoine Regembal-6 months ago
Nevermind, I could configure it :)
Gnyav-2 days ago
how do you configure it? i don't see the configure icon... i'm kind of new to all this :) should i find it's file and configure it there?
relanzieri-1 year ago
This desklet is great, gives a nice touch to the desktop. I don't understand why there is so much crying complaining about the 12h / 24h format. Okay, that's how it is!
Jorge Garrido
Jorge Garrido-2 years ago
This clock let diferents local zone time? My issue is that I need severals clocks in the desktop showing times from diferents world local zones
Adriano Santana
Adriano Santana-2 years ago
good and complete, i like it.
Zer01-3 years ago
Need 12 hr..
Marcus Good
Marcus Good-3 years ago
Is there a way to make it 12hr instead of 24hr? Otherwise, fantastic.
Bora Ön
Bora Ön-3 years ago
Better than the default one.