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A highly customizable clock desklet that can display dual datetime strings




This is a simple desklet to display two datetime strings, defaulting to the time and date. The size and format of each are configurable by changing the values in the settings.


Adjust the following options for each datetime value using the settings:

  • Time Format
  • Time Alignment (per Layout)
  • Font
  • Color
  • Size

Additional desklet options include:

  • Fixed Width
  • Layout (Vertical or Horizontal)
  • Show Decorations
  • Background Color

The datetime format are from the JavaScript toLocaleFormat function and the possible values can be found locally in the terminal with:

  $> man date

or online at: date Manual

It is also possible to test string outputs in the terminal using the date command and then copy the desired option to the settings input:

  $ date +"%-H:%M"

For example, to add seconds to the first time format, append :%S like so:

  "Format": "%-H:%M:%S"


It is possible to set a single datetime string for both the time and date if desired. If the Format field is blank for either format field, that value will be reset to the locale's default time (first string) or date (second string).


This applet has been tested to be compatible with Cinnamon 5.6+ but is supported for Cinnamon 5.4+.



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Paul Birkholtz
Paul Birkholtz-1 week ago
I love this desklet! Sometimes the decoration randomly appears and I can't get it to go away without spinning up a new instance, luckily I just import my settings with JSON.
Rick Calixte
Rick Calixte-1 week ago
Thank you for the kind words! Can you expand on the issues you're seeing with the decorations? If it would be easier, you can open an Issue on the repository (using the Issues button on top of the page here) and attach some screenshots and hopefully we can get it resolved quickly.
angelotux-1 month ago
change FONT?
Rick Calixte
Rick Calixte-1 month ago
Yes, that is one of the options. Are you encountering an issue? Was this just a general question?