Weather Underground Desklet

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Weather Underground

Weather Underground Cinnamon Desklet V0.2

Wrappers WeatherUnderground's embed url to produce a desktop weather app. After adding the desklet to the desktop, right-click or Navigate using System Settings to configure the desklet.


  • period: the refresh period in seconds.
  • units: select either english or metric.
  • stationID: the Weather Underground Station ID. See for Station IDs.

Change log

V0.2 - 12 April 2017 - 4current (Richard Morrisey) This is a minor update of nightflame's WeatherUnderground desklet.

  • added Settings interaction
  • removed extraneous settings options from popupMenu
  • renamed some keys:
    • frequency -> period
    • metric -> units

v0.1 - 16 June 2013 - nightflame The Desklet is a little raw at the moment because its my first attempt. I wrote it because I wanted to see local weather on my desktop. I'm sharing it in case it useful to anyone else especially as there do not seem to be many Cinnamon Desklets yet. Its based on xkcd@rjanja.

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Dave-3 months ago
I am trying to use station KLEX and the Desklet will not collect data from it. It is my local airport, and the closest station to me. It is also a "real" weather station, not a personal station, and therefore has to be kept in calibration, etc. wo I would much rather use it.
NikoKrause-2 months ago
How to find your weather station ID on

1. Go to
2. Search for your location, e.g. KLEX, Kentucky
3. Press the button »CHANGE ⮟«
4. A menu drops down with a map at the left and a list of »Current and Nearby Weather Stations« at the right.
5. The ID of the »Current Station« is shown in brackets, e.g. (KKYLEXIN16)
6. Add this ID without the brackets in the desklets settings, e.g. KKYLEXIN16