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A fork desklet that displays the time and date



Time and Date Cinnamon Desklet v0.1 - 19 June 2013

This is a simple desklet to display the time and date. The size and format of the date are configurable by changing the values in metadata.json. This can be launched from the Desklet itself by selecting Config from the menu.

Adjust the following paramters in the metadata.json file which is stored in ~/.local/share/cinnamon/desklets/TimeAndDate@nightflame:

"timeFormat": "%H:%M",
"timeSize": "50pt",
"dateFormat": "%A,%e %B",
"dateSize": "25pt"

REMEMBER TO LEAVE THE COMMAS IN - except for the last line!

The time and date format are from JavaScript toLocaleFormat function, and the possible values can be found at:


For exmple to add seconds change timeFormat to:

"timeFormat": "%H:%M:%S",

After changing the settings you need to remove and re-add the Desklet

If I knew what I was doing I would update the config through the GUI. Maybe next version.

-Steve desklets [at] stargw [dot] eu

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Steven Martin
Steven Martin-3 months ago
Oddly, changing the metadata.json file makes no change to the Desklet, even after removing and restarting the clock. Is there some other trick?
Chris-3 months ago
I had to log out and then log back in for my changes in metadata.json to take place
marcositz-8 months ago
Simple and functional. Perfect! Thank you!
83c577nbybd8zb-11 months ago
any way to make it completely transparent? or change the background color?
marcositz-8 months ago
Desklets> General Settings> No decoration
Nir Regev
Nir Regev-1 year ago
Nice one, thanks !
Mahesh Mankar
Mahesh Mankar-1 year ago
Is there any way to change color of text? I need date in another color.
Diego Gargaglione
Diego Gargaglione-2 years ago
Nice and useful. Is there any way to change the font?
Kevin Waite
Kevin Waite-2 years ago
Love it!!! I removed the one i was using from Cairo-dock as it did not respect the font sizes for date. This one does Thank you very much.
Olivier Brouillard
Olivier Brouillard-2 years ago
Simple, well designed and efficient. Thanks.