Win7 Alt-Tab

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6 months ago 2018-10-13, 14:19 UTC
Last commit: [b3c585c9] Win7AltTab@entelechy: Misc. clean up (#180)

Replaces icons with thumbnails in the Alt-Tab and shows window previews, a la Win7

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huserman-4 months ago
Works great with LMDE 3 Cindy x64. Thank you for the extension!
huserman-4 months ago
With very minor glitches :)
Andrea Moro
Andrea Moro-1 year ago
Doesn't seem to work on Mint 18.3
Dale Theis
Dale Theis-1 year ago
I want to download google chrome.
Benjamin Wölkchen
Benjamin Wölkchen-1 month ago
Then go to and download the .deb-File