Wobbly Windows

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1 year ago 2017-09-12, 10:20 UTC
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Compiz shall live again!

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Corbin Auriti
Corbin Auriti-1 month ago
This is really glitchy, laggy and stuttery, leaving atrifacts behind it. Needs some updating.
Sadi Yumuşak
Sadi Yumuşak-1 month ago
Notes: 1) It works after adding the line "CLUTTER_PAINT=continuous-redraw" to the file "/etc/environment" AND ther rebooting the computer. 2) It supersedes the extension "Opacify Windows" (which fades out the current window that the user is resizing or dragging) so the user cannot have both of these two windows effects.
Sadi Yumuşak
Sadi Yumuşak-1 month ago
Strange, doesn't work here on Linux Mint 19.1 64-bit, although I've added "CLUTTER_PAINT=continuous-redraw" to "/etc/environment" :-(
RobertBorst-5 months ago
Hi, It seems to work with the CLUTTER_PAINT=continuous-redraw option on Linux Mint 19.1 64 bit. It leaves some shadows it you move too fast
rtlewis1-1 year ago
Well, for those who can benefit from this new fix, it looks like new life has been given to the WW extension - at least on the machines I've tested. It works nearly as well as the original Compiz version, mainly just a little slower/wobblier. The l33tlinuxh4x0r fix will increase CPU load marginally (but so does Compiz for that matter). Just add (in root) the following line to: /etc/environment CLUTTER_PAINT=continuous-redraw Cheers!
Pete Franklin
Pete Franklin-1 year ago
Loved the effect in LXCE WITH cOMPIZ. Wish I was a programer. Can anyone help?
LightningStalker-2 years ago
Please update for Mint 18.2 and make Compiz live again!
Antonio Sanhueza
Antonio Sanhueza-2 years ago
The ghosting effect can be eliminated (from https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/669/wobbly-windows/): Add the line CLUTTER_PAINT=disable-clipped-redraws:disable-culling CLUTTER_VBLANK=True in /etc/environment file.
Navet56-2 years ago
This extension doesnt work on LInux Mint 17/17.1/17.2/17.3/18/18.1 and probably after, please fix this extension clem
Shinglywingly-2 years ago
It doesn't work well for me unfortunately. I'm using Antergos with Cinnamon 3.4; It wobbles fine, but it shows "ghosts" of the window while moving similar to how older versions of windows would show copies of the window you dragged around the screen. Is there any way to fix this?
Itoh Takayuki
Itoh Takayuki-2 years ago
This did not work suddenly Metadata.json has written up to 3.2