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Compiz Cube-like animation for workspace switching

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Fedora Tux
Fedora Tux-3 weeks ago
To update with constancy or gives problems to every update of the desktop!!!

Beautiful extension!!!!
Jerry Frazee
Jerry Frazee-1 month ago
Extension is working. There is a bug of double panels while switching workspaces. It would be nice to be able to have more options on the cube backgrounds, front and behind cube.
Marc Scattolin
Marc Scattolin-3 months ago
I tried it and it does work in cinnamon 18.2. However, a glitched applet bar appears at the top of the cube while switching so it may still need more work. But great job nonetheless!
Enas Agnwstos
Enas Agnwstos-4 weeks ago
Hi! I saw your comment about the cube working in 18.2 so i downloaded & installed too , but i haven't yet figured how to trigger it ! Furthermore , can it be triggered with the mouse as in compiz?
And, is there some kind of guide available for the damn thing at all ? thx in advance!
Shinglywingly-5 months ago
Sadly it no longer works on the newest versions of Cinnamon. I would really love to get this working again!
ACinnamonUserInUK-5 months ago
My system says this extension isn't compatible with the latest version of Cinnamon. A shame! (I could have tried out the extension anyway, but I didn't.)