Cinnamon Maximus

UUID: cinnamon-maximus@fmete
Score: 4
Last edited: 1 week ago
Last commit: cef6be6e1f575a5ca77c55f56c7e7251172562d9

Undecorate windows its maximised.

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Luis Felipe Sánchez-Escobar Retamar
Perfect! i think this should be an option in core preferences.

Thank you!
moretocome-3 weeks ago
@Aprianto Nursetiawan: Use applet(s) like

@Peter Engeldinger: Works fine with me on Linux Mint 18.2, Cinnamon 3.4.6 :)
Aprianto Nursetiawan
The title bar is gone indeed but so does the window control.. How to get the window control in top panel just like in the screenshot?
Peter Engeldinger
Peter Engeldinger-1 month ago
Great extension, but unfortunately doesnt work under Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya, Cinnamon 3.4.4