Cinnamon Maximus

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1 year ago 2017-09-12, 10:20 UTC
Last commit: [cef6be6e] cinnamon-maximus@fmete: use icon in extension

Undecorate windows its maximised.

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Andrew Palmer
Andrew Palmer-3 months ago
This extension really helps to making my old Thinkpad with 1600x900 resolution screen a pleasure to use. First I set up the taskbar to be on the side of the screen, but I still didn't really have enough vertical space, so I gave Cinnammon Maximus a try and it solved my problem! Note that when enabling the extension I did get a warning that it is not compatible with my version of Cinnammon (3.8 in Linux Mint 19), but it seems to work fine. The entire title bar, including buttons to minimise and close windows are hidden, but if you just remember that alt+f10 toggles maximise, you can get the bar back easily. Great little extension!
piyushgarg-5 months ago
Works!! on Linux Mint 19 Tara (Cinnamon) as well by changing the metadata.json as mentioned by @hard13
rcrx-5 months ago
Indispensable. Thank you.
M Arafat
M Arafat-9 months ago
How to disable the effect? It maximized nemo file browser, now i want the control icons back what should i do?
Teo K
Teo K-10 months ago
Doesn't work with Mint 18.3! Please fix it. I really like(d) the extension!
Michal J.
Michal J.-1 year ago
Don't work in Mint 18.3 :(
Peter Oluwaseyi
Peter Oluwaseyi-1 year ago
Incompatible to Cinnamon 3.6.6 (Linux Mint 18.3) Please update soon.
hard13-9 months ago
Just edit ~/.local/share/cinnamon/extensions/cinnamon-maximus@fmete/metadata.json and add line "3.6"
SwhGo_oN-7 months ago
Thank you!
Casper Gerritsen
Casper Gerritsen-8 months ago
Yes! thank you!
Exitr-1 year ago
Window button applet is available here:
MarioFlying-1 year ago
I tried some combinations but just couldn't use this extension to only hide titlebars in one single application (Opera Browser). Can Cinnamon Maximus be used for this purpose?
MarioFlying-1 year ago
Ok, I solved by using Devil's Pie 2 . As found in a comment on a Opera Blog old entry: ----- use a windows matching utility like Devil's Pie 2 to strip the titlebar. Install devilspie2 and create a file called ~/.config/devilspie2/opera.lua containing the following: if (get_window_class()=="Opera") then undecorate_window(); end ----- It works.
Baron Leonardo
Baron Leonardo-1 year ago
Where did u get the window-control buttons plugin, I can't find it ?
Luis Felipe Sánchez-Escobar Retamar
Perfect! i think this should be an option in core preferences. Thank you!
moretocome-1 year ago
@Aprianto Nursetiawan: Use applet(s) like @Peter Engeldinger: Works fine with me on Linux Mint 18.2, Cinnamon 3.4.6 :)
Exitr-1 year ago
184 no longer exists (I posted a github link), but works fine for me on 18.2 as well.
Aprianto Nursetiawan
The title bar is gone indeed but so does the window control.. How to get the window control in top panel just like in the screenshot?
Peter Engeldinger
Great extension, but unfortunately doesnt work under Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya, Cinnamon 3.4.4