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8 months ago 2017-10-08, 22:05 UTC
Last commit: [0693600e] slider@mohammad-sn: add cinnamon-versions 2.8-3.4 (#125)

Yet another nice transition effect for ws switching.

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Sam-1 month ago
This is pretty nice!!
garfazadeh-6 months ago
Very nice! However, it is a bit laggy and choppy for me. It only renders like <10 frames per second on my machine, even though other animations are smooth.
garfazadeh-6 months ago
A kernel upgrade solved this issue. Now it is working very well.
Björn Lyngbakken
Björn Lyngbakken-6 months ago
Slider doesn´t work anymore since yesterday (december 6th 2017); says there is a problem with initialization. Is there a way to fix this? I´m running 14.04 LTS with cinnamon 2.8 on top.
Jocix-7 months ago
Wow, very nice! :)
Jerry Frazee
Jerry Frazee-8 months ago
Thank You....
Timur Yarosh
Timur Yarosh-8 months ago
Wow, it looks really cool! Thanks.
Rudertier-10 months ago
Cinnamon displays a warning, when installing the extension. But it works great, and gives a nice and rich feel to the desktop. Cheers