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by Odyseus
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Several tweaks for Cinnamon.

Bug reports, feature requests and contributions

If anyone has bugs to report, a feature request or a contribution, do so on this xlet GitHub page.

Cinnamon Tweaks extension description

This extension adds some options to modify the default behaviour of certain Cinnamon features.


Cinnamon 2.8 Cinnamon 3.0 Cinnamon 3.2 Cinnamon 3.4

Important note: Do not try to install and force compatibility for any other version of Cinnamon older than 2.8.6. As a protection mechanism, the extension will auto-disable itself.


Some tweaks have warnings, dependencies, limitations and or known issues that must be read and understood before a tweak is enabled. No worries, nothing fatal could ever happen.

For detailed explanations of each option/tweak, see this extension help (accessible from this extension settings window).

  • Applets/Desklets tweaks: confirmation dialogs can be added to applet/desklet removal to avoid accidental removal. New items can be added to applets/desklets context menus (Open applet/desklet folder and Edit applet/desklet main file).
  • Hot corners tweaks: Allows to set a hover activation delay in milliseconds for each hot corner. This tweak is only available for Cinnamon versions lower than 3.2 (Cinnamon 3.2.x already has hot corners delay activation).
  • Desktop area tweaks: Allows to drag applications from the menu or from the launchers applets into the desktop.
  • Popup menus tweaks: Allows to change the behavior of the applets menus.
  • Tooltips tweaks: Allows to tweak the position and show delay of Cinnamon's UI tooltips. The position of the tooltip is only available for Cinnamon versions lower than 3.2 (Cinnamon 3.2.x already has the position of the tooltips changed).
  • Notifications tweaks: Allows changing the notification popups to the bottom of the screen and change its top/bottom/right margins.
  • Window focus tweaks: Allows the activation of windows demanding attention with a keyboard shortcut or forced. Tweak based on the gnome-shell extension called Steal My Focus by Valentin Dimitrov and another gnome-shell extension called Window Demands Attention Shortcut by awamper.
  • Auto move windows: Enables the ability to set rules to open determined applications on specific workspaces. Tweak based on the gnome-shell extension called Auto Move Windows by Florian Muellner.
  • Window shadows tweaks: Allows to change the windows shadows to some predefined presets or completely customize the shadows of every single type of window. Tweak based on an extension called Custom Shadows created by mikhail-ekzi.
  • Windows decorations removal: Allows to remove the windows decorations from maximized/half-maximized/tiled windows. Tweak based on the Cinnamon extension called Cinnamon Maximus by Fatih Mete with some options from the gnome-shell extension called Maximus NG by Luis Pabon.

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dodona2-1 month ago
unfortunately not yet compatible with cinnamon 3.4
Andres Roja
Andres Roja-1 month ago
Andres Roja
Andres Roja-1 month ago
@Joan Marc Riera Duocastella
thank you, its work :D
Joan Marc Riera Duocastella
@Andres Roja :
System Settings > Preferences (Extensions) > Available extensions online > select and Install.
Andres Roja
Andres Roja-1 month ago
y como se instala? ;--;