Negate Window on Super+I

UUID: rnbdsh@negateWindow
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6 months ago 2019-12-19, 21:57 UTC
Last commit: [d31e66ca] rnbdsh@negateWindow: add support for 4.4

A Cinnamon extension that allows to negate the window-color when you press super+i.




Used as a template for Cinnamon-plugin: 0dyseus@CinnamonTweaks

Code for inversion shader:;

Original idea: gnome invert window extention;

Coded from 2AM - 5AM, so don't expect too much, but it works

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Andy Herrman
Andy Herrman-5 months ago
The extension is currently broken for me: [rnbdsh@negateWindow]: Type name Gjs_InvertWindowEffect is already registered [rnbdsh@negateWindow]: Error importing extension.js from rnbdsh@negateWindow I was able to fix it by editing: ~/.local/share/cinnamon/extensions/rnbdsh@negateWindow/extension.js and changing the `name` field on line 18 to something more unique. Changing the name property on the InvertWindowEffect to something else appears to fix it for me.
macarthur628-1 year ago
You can also add a custom key binding to bind "Super+I" to execute "xcalib -i -a" command.
al-mission-2016-2 years ago
Please update metadata.json file to make it compatible with Cinnamon 3.6, i.e. add string "3.6" in the list. After that this extension works just fine with latest Cinnamon.