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Fancy workspace switching extension

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ivanaponi-2 years ago
It's like the 90's all over again
mfreeman72-4 years ago
Is there any way to remove or change the background that shows up behind the cube and flip effects? It is the same as the desktop background, and so the effect blends too much with the background, so it isn't as clear and nice as it could be.
NicoWeio-5 years ago
Using two monitors, a part of the right screen cuts off the windows during the transition :(
Fedora Tux
Fedora Tux-5 years ago
When will it be updated????
Fedora Tux
Fedora Tux-5 years ago
To update with constancy or gives problems to every update of the desktop!!! Beautiful extension!!!!
Mintulix-5 years ago
Hey, thanks for this. I use the Stack transition effect. One glitch: During the switch between two desktops both panels (top and bottom) are stacked on the top position (with any transition effect). It would look nicer and smoother if both panels would stay where they are.