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Set positions of desktop icons per workspace



Desktop icons per workspace

An extension that set positions of desktop icons per workspace for Linux Mint Cinnamon


  1. Extract .zip archive to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/extensions
  2. Enable the extension in Cinnamon settings


Wait until desktop icons are refreshed after the extension is started.
Wait until desktop icons are refreshed after switching between workspaces.
If desktop icons are not visible then restart Cinnamon with: Ctrl + Alt + Esc


The extension does not set positions of the following desktop icons per workspace:

  • Computer
  • Home
  • Mounted devices
  • Network
  • Trash

Source code

Browse the source of the extension in the original repository

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Gennady Voytko
Gennady Voytko-9 months ago
It doesn`t work in 2020((
MarcoB-0049-2 years ago
similar reaction, desk change is throttled, on my HP ZBook 15uG3 LM18.3 Cinnamon per activated corner, per extension cube and per key combination
Bushmills-2 years ago
Slows down switching desktops and responding to mouse actions to the point of computer becoming unusable (8 GB RAM, 3.3 GHz i7 CPU, SSD) - literally takes seconds to respond to a mouse click. Disabling made system snappy again, therefore I removed this extension.