Desktop Scroller

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Switch between desktops by scrolling at left and right edges of the screen.

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Michael Webster
Michael Webster-3 months ago
Should work in 5.4 now
Mehmet Günaçtı
Mehmet Günaçtı-3 months ago
It's broken in LM 21 (Cinnamon 5.4.9) Strange behavior: I have 4 desktops, but I'm only able to scroll from 1st to 2nd, scrolling again scrolls to 2nd again, it never switches to the 3rd desktop. I'm able to switch between 1st and 2nd desktop only. I'm only able to switch to 3rd (and 4th) desktops by using ctrl + alt + left|right keys or by using the desktop overview screen.
fazla86-1 year ago
Works good with Cinnamon 4.8.6 on Linux Mint 20.1 Ulyssa
MarcoB-0049-3 years ago
UK/Brexit: --↓ Hi, the extension most likely doesn't (yet) work in LM19.1 Cinnamon 4.0.*. Too bad! DE: Hi, die Erweiterung funktioniert höchstwahrscheinlich (noch) nicht in LM19.1 Cinnamon 4.0.*. Schade!