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Tile your windows as you like.





  • Super + G open gTile
  • Esc close gTile
  • ARROWS move with keyboard
  • Shift + ARROWS select area
  • Space or Enter tile the selected area

More options are available in Cinnamon Settings -> Extensions -> gTile@shuairan -> Settings.

This extension was originally developed by vibou and shuairan. It is now maintained by the community.



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orbitalchicken-1 month ago
How do I add a quick launch icon to gTile in my taskbar ? (what is the command line to start it instead of Gtrl+G ?)
Rubem Pacelli
Rubem Pacelli-2 months ago
Since I started on Mint, I have delved for a good window tilling. I found Gtile, but even so, it just has the basic function of shift+arrows to adjust the window on my screen, It is not enough. To my surprise, I found out that Ubuntu has this extension too, but with a lot of functions. So, what the difference between these two projects? Is it possible to install this gnome extension on Mint. Thanks in advance.
paulsurman-3 months ago
Frivolous is fun, but genuinely useful like this, is better. Thank you for this easy to use aid to tiling.
Maxcrazy1-3 months ago
How can I switch between one screen to another and how change the screen grid from keyboard?
ivanaponi-4 months ago
Where are the settings stored? I cannot find a config file or them in gsettings
ivanaponi-4 months ago
For some odd reason my SUPER+G key combo stopped working
ivanaponi-4 months ago
Also unable to access settings in the extension UI
ivanaponi-4 months ago
It's also not possible to disable now in the Manage extensions UI
xmo-odoo-2 months ago
Are you sure the extension is enabled in the first place? I've had the issue that the extension seemed to not work at all, but it just didn't enable on install.
skoufaki-4 months ago
very nice work - thanks a lot! if one could AutoTile all open windows only of a specific application it would be a blast ;)
Stefan Strohmeier
Stefan Strohmeier-5 months ago
Great extension. I really love it. It works fine for me under Linux Mint 19.3 and Cinnamon 4.4.8. The only thing is that I cannot get a keyboard shortcut for AutoTile working. I tried a lot of things, e.g. checking the keycodes. They seem to be okay. Has anyone the keyboard shortcuts for AutoTile working on LM 19.3 and Cinn 4.4.8?
sellias-4 months ago
It's working on Fedora 32. Try pressing the hotkey and then running [c] $ less /var/log/syslog [c]
Rubem Pacelli
Rubem Pacelli-8 months ago
In Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia, Gtile doesn't fit when I set just for one tile. I need to hold shift to select 2 or more tile for the Gtile work correctly. Anyone know how to fix it? Besides that, Gtiles works fine.
sellias-4 months ago
If you're still wondering how to solve this problem; just click a second time on the one square in which you wish to place your windows. GTile waits for you to make a box shaped selection. When you click on that one tile it is waiting for where the selection finishes. So just click again on the same tile. Hope all is well!
Łukasz Dobrowolski
Nice idea. Not sure why but it does not work well for me. Windows are properly resized in X, but are cut in Y. multi screen, multiple virtual screen on single physical device It would be also nice if you add option to remember configured tiles.
Stigma67-8 months ago
I have the same problem. Does anyone have a solution for this?
leroyz84-1 year ago
Thank you for this add one! Maybe a feature request: Tile all active windows [horizontally|vertically] ?
leroyz84-1 year ago
edit: i see it's there! Love it; thank you!
Lowrida-1 year ago
"More options are available in Cinnamon Settings -> Extensions -> gTile@shuairan -> Settings." Not in Mint 19.2 Cinnamon. I had to edit extention.js and remove the three slashes in front of the 'const' !
Christopher Nash
Christopher Nash-1 year ago
I've just upgraded from Linux Mint 19.1 to Mint 19.2 and this extension has stopped working. I get the message "Problems during Cinnamon startup" dialog box when I log into Mint. What information can I give to have this fixed? (I'm so lost without having it... :-p )
Mikko Vedru
Mikko Vedru-1 year ago
Disable and enable the extension again. Seemed to work for me, at least partly.
Sebastian Haas
Sebastian Haas-1 year ago
Hey, is there any way to call gTile from CLI / Bash / zsh? I'd like to use it to create hotkeys for positions. Something like "gTile 4x4 1 2" which would describe the 4x4 tiles and first column second row e.g. Thank you for the extension :)
Lorenz Stangier
Lorenz Stangier-1 year ago
I don't think (or at least I don't know of any) way to use gtile as command line tool. You could check out instead. You can move/resize windows with it from the commandline.
watercolorhearts-2 years ago
Hi, where is the located for this when installing it using Extensions menu in Linux Mint system settings? Thanks.
Eric Adams
Eric Adams-2 years ago
Has anyone had luck getting this to work on Cinnamon 3.8?
sellias-4 months ago
It's working on 4.4.8! Give it another shot!
Dustin Falgout
Dustin Falgout-2 years ago
Works fine for me on Cinnamon 3.6.7
Andrea Moro
Andrea Moro-2 years ago
Doesn't seem to work on Mint 18.3. The super key + space doesn't activate the panel.
sellias-4 months ago
It's working on 4.4.8! Give it another shot!
bbuist-2 years ago
Have you enabled the extension? This got me the first time, I thought downloading was enough. Click the + to enable.
Futureknows-2 years ago
Can it run on Fedora 27 Cinnamon (Cinnamon v3.6.6)?
sellias-4 months ago
It's working on 4.4.8! Give it another shot!
garfazadeh-2 years ago
This is exactly what I need. I would love to have settings for window margins as well.
Brian A
Brian A-2 years ago
I'm running Mint 18.2 Cinnamon, fully updated. This extension looks really useful. Unfortunately, when I try to install it, via the settings application, it reports: - "Extension gTile@shuairan is not compatible with current version of cinnamon. Using it may break your system. "
sellias-4 months ago
It's working on 4.4.8! Give it another shot!
Jeremy Garcia
Jeremy Garcia-2 years ago
Also running 18.2 and got the same error; it's really a general disclaimer because the dev can't account for future changes in Cinnamon. You can click "yes" to load extension anyway - it seems to more or less or less work. When using the Auto-Tile function the window positioning has a negative vertical offset, so the tops of windows won't use the very top of the screen, and the bottom of windows will be cut off by the bottom panel. This issue may be specific to my system (i.e. might conflict with another extension). Manual tiling doesn't have this issue. So it works for me and hasn't broken my system.