Opacify Windows

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Fade out the current window that the user is resizing or dragging.

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NeatNit-7 months ago
I've submitted a fix pull request. https://github.com/linuxmint/cinnamon-spices-extensions/pull/451 You can download the fix right now by running the command I posted in this comment: https://github.com/linuxmint/cinnamon-spices-extensions/issues/417#issuecomment-1426449154
Pakulin Yury
Pakulin Yury-7 months ago
Linux Mint 21.1 Does not work correctly. I can see through all the windows to the desktop.
NeatNit-7 months ago
This is available without an extension (Linux Mint 21.1, possibly even earlier): System Settings -> Windows -> (Titlebar tab) -> Action on title bar with mouse scroll: Adjust opacity.
NeatNit-7 months ago
Or perhaps I misunderstood what the extension does... I shouldn't comment online at 2:00 AM
davie38-1 year ago
Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon 5.4, with many applications (like firefox, the update manager, nemo, ...) the fade out effect show the desktop background, not others windows behind. https://github.com/linuxmint/cinnamon-spices-extensions/issues/417
kendoori-1 year ago
I wonder if there's a way to make this extension permanently Opacify a window? I have a specific app that I'd like to use as a widget of sorts, and I wish I could Opacify that Window.
Zhao Zuohong
Zhao Zuohong-1 year ago
Linux Mint 20.3 with Cinnamon 5.2.7, Extension version 2021-09-25. After dragging window to the edge of the screen and release mouse, the window remains transparent.
Christopher McAllister
Yeah, I'm still seeing this issue. It's actually a deal breaker for me. I'd be using it if this is viewed as a bug and is fixed, or at least made configurable
Wareocraft -2 years ago
It worked in linux mint and i loved to have this package in my linux desktop
Cvetan Šimšić
Cvetan Šimšić-2 years ago
Doesn't work with Linux Mint 20.1
MaxBaktBrood-2 years ago
Would it be possible to just change the transparency of the title bar? I would reallly like such a feature. Just like Windows 7
Dam1ran-2 years ago
28.02.21 small dev bug line 68-73 in onEndGrabOp functions { Tweener.addTween(actor, { opacity: 255, time: settings.beginTime/1000, transition: settings.beginEffect }); } should be: { Tweener.addTween(actor, { opacity: 255, time: settings.endTime/1000, transition: settings.endEffect }); } END time and end effect
Juan-Lutz-2 years ago
Excellent ! It works for LM 20.1 Cinnamon Beta. Very Good Thank you.
ivanaponi-3 years ago
Windows sometimes get stuck transparent and have to be re clicked to see them
ben2talk-3 years ago
The issue I have is that the extension doesn't now see the event if you drag a window to the edge of the screen - maximising that way leaves it transparent. I guess this option is missed in the settings .json - though it's hard to understand much of what's going on there. I must use the keyboard 'super' key to snap windows to the sides/corners which avoids opacify... and avoid letting the window snap. Using mouse gestures helps (Easystroke is King) - to vertically maximise, I draw a 'lightning' and to horizontally maximise, a horizontal lightning... so I can drag a window to snap to the side of the screen, then do 'lightning' gesture to vertically maximise it - or go to the keyboard and hit super to put the window in a 'quarter' or 'half' screen which loses the decoration also (using mouse gestures also means not needing to go to/use the titlebar).
ben2talk-3 years ago
Dirty fix for 'settings' is to dive into .local/share/cinnamon/extensions/opacify@anish.org edit 'metadata.json' to directly edit settings, or edit 'metadata.json' and replace, or append, your cinnamon version (4.4.8 for me). The 'settings' now works, but doesn't affect opacity staying on when the window is dragged to maximise or tile.
ak1dd-3 years ago
Please give us an update. I really like this extension. It does seem to work on 19.3 (although maximizing a window with focus is sometimes transparent) It would also be reassuring not to see a "you might break your system" when you install it.
mh67-3 years ago
Valery Kravtsov: You can configure transparency value by the help of following quick-and-dirty workaround: - install Opacity Windows extension to Cinnamon (tested on Mint 19.2) - activate this extension (ignore warning) - in some text editor (vim, mcedit, nano....) open this file: ~/.local/share/cinnamon/extensions/opacify@anish.org/extension.js - in the onBeginGrabOp() function change the line, beginning with "opacity:" - replace content with your raw desired opacity value - may be in range 0..255, in my case the value 220 seems optimal - restart Cinnamon (e.g. login/logout...) Just look at this example (copy from my PC): function onBeginGrabOp(display, screen, window, op) { let actor = window.get_compositor_private(); if (!actor) { return; } if ((op == Meta.GrabOp.MOVING) || (op == Meta.GrabOp.KEYBOARD_MOVING) || (op == Meta.GrabOp.RESIZING_E) || (op == Meta.GrabOp.RESIZING_N) || (op == Meta.GrabOp.RESIZING_NE) || (op == Meta.GrabOp.RESIZING_NW) || (op == Meta.GrabOp.RESIZING_S) || (op == Meta.GrabOp.RESIZING_SE) || (op == Meta.GrabOp.RESIZING_SW) || (op == Meta.GrabOp.RESIZING_W) || (op == Meta.GrabOp.KEYBOARD_RESIZING_E) || (op == Meta.GrabOp.KEYBOARD_RESIZING_N) || (op == Meta.GrabOp.KEYBOARD_RESIZING_NE) || (op == Meta.GrabOp.KEYBOARD_RESIZING_NW) || (op == Meta.GrabOp.KEYBOARD_RESIZING_S) || (op == Meta.GrabOp.KEYBOARD_RESIZING_SE) || (op == Meta.GrabOp.KEYBOARD_RESIZING_SW) || (op == Meta.GrabOp.KEYBOARD_RESIZING_W)|| (op == Meta.GrabOp.KEYBOARD_RESIZING_UNKNOWN)) { Tweener.addTween(actor, { // **** force raw opacity value **** opacity: 220,. time: settings.beginTime/1000, transition: settings.beginEffect }); } }
Christiano Marques
Christiano Marques-3 years ago
Configurations button is always disabled on Linux Mint 19.1and Cinnamon 4.0.10.
Valery Kravtsov
Valery Kravtsov-4 years ago
Need an ability to configure transparency value.
Sadi Yumuşak
Sadi Yumuşak-4 years ago
works fine with cinnamon 4.0!
ACinnamonUserInUK-6 years ago
Unfortunately this lovely extension gets disabled by the new, beta (3.4) version of Cinnamon.