Negate Window on Super+I

UUID: rnbdsh@negateWindow
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9 months ago 2019-12-19, 15:57
Last commit: [d31e66ca] rnbdsh@negateWindow: add support for 4.4

A Cinnamon extension that allows to negate the window-color when you press super+i.




Used as a template for Cinnamon-plugin: 0dyseus@CinnamonTweaks

Code for inversion shader:;

Original idea: gnome invert window extention;

Coded from 2AM - 5AM, so don't expect too much, but it works

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Adolfo Correa
Adolfo Correa-1 month ago
Best extension ever, very useful, essential for the people that like the dark mode. With this extension we don't need to wait until each of our programs implements the dark mode, we only have to invert the colors of the windows with Super + I. I'm using it with LM 19.2 Cinnamon 4.2.4 and works fine. No problems until now
Carol Nunes
Carol Nunes-1 month ago
On Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon 4.6.6, there is a warning when you try to enable the extension: """Extension rnbdsh@negateWindow is not compatible with current version of cinnamon. Using it may break your system. Load anyway?""" . I gave up for now. I'll try it later
Andy Herrman
Andy Herrman-8 months ago
The extension is currently broken for me: [rnbdsh@negateWindow]: Type name Gjs_InvertWindowEffect is already registered [rnbdsh@negateWindow]: Error importing extension.js from rnbdsh@negateWindow I was able to fix it by editing: ~/.local/share/cinnamon/extensions/rnbdsh@negateWindow/extension.js and changing the `name` field on line 18 to something more unique. Changing the name property on the InvertWindowEffect to something else appears to fix it for me.
macarthur628-1 year ago
You can also add a custom key binding to bind "Super+I" to execute "xcalib -i -a" command.
al-mission-2016-2 years ago
Please update metadata.json file to make it compatible with Cinnamon 3.6, i.e. add string "3.6" in the list. After that this extension works just fine with latest Cinnamon.