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Yet another nice transition effect for ws switching.

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DavidBOSS21-2 months ago
does not work for endevour os cinnamon. screws up the ability to view windows. to disable i had to hover my mouse over the window icon and open the start menu to interact with the window. please either fix this or remove the extension so others don't encounter this issue.
tcubano-5 months ago
DOES NOT WORK WITH LMC 21.1!!! UP!! Almost broke my desktop. The solution was opening the "extensions" app and pressin tab until hitting the "Disable all" button. After disabling this extension, everything came back to normal.
Juan-Lutz-7 months ago
Sad!!!. IT DID NOT WOK ON LMC 21.1
Shazib Rahman
Shazib Rahman-3 years ago
incompatible with the cinnamon(4.4.6)
Falkwings-5 years ago
Don't work after restart, something about missing 'notify-send'.
Falkwings-5 years ago
Installed 'notify-send' (libnotify-bin) it returns another error message that the cinnamon-version is incompatible (v 3.6.6).
Jastria Rahmat
Jastria Rahmat-5 years ago
background trouble on dual screen, it should have the "split for dual screen background" option
Sam-5 years ago
This is pretty nice!!
garfazadeh-5 years ago
Very nice! However, it is a bit laggy and choppy for me. It only renders like <10 frames per second on my machine, even though other animations are smooth.
garfazadeh-5 years ago
A kernel upgrade solved this issue. Now it is working very well.
Björn Lyngbakken
Björn Lyngbakken-5 years ago
Slider doesn´t work anymore since yesterday (december 6th 2017); says there is a problem with initialization. Is there a way to fix this? I´m running 14.04 LTS with cinnamon 2.8 on top.
Jocix-5 years ago
Wow, very nice! :)
Jerry Frazee
Jerry Frazee-5 years ago
Thank You....
Timur Yarosh
Timur Yarosh-6 years ago
Wow, it looks really cool! Thanks.
Rudertier-6 years ago
Cinnamon displays a warning, when installing the extension. But it works great, and gives a nice and rich feel to the desktop. Cheers