Smart Panel

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Switch between workspaces, show desktop, activate overview or expo, ... by scrolling, double click, mouse gestures etc on free space of the panel.

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fazla86-1 year ago
Works good with Cinnamon 4.8.6 on Linux Mint 20.1 Ulyssa I like it a lot
Sokawaii-1 year ago
Really useful, but it seems that there are some issues with linux Mint 20 and Cinnamon
Chima Okwara
Chima Okwara-2 years ago
Really improves productivity. Cheers.
ivanaponi-2 years ago
Do we need to pray to Allah before installing this to get it to work?
dolour-2 years ago
Doesent work anymore after the recent Cinnamon update.
ahmad244-2 years ago
it's working now i guess
invexx-5 years ago
Very, very useful. Thank you! Only one suggestion which would imho make it even better. It would be great if you added a single click option.