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Switch workspaces using mouse scroll at screen edges.



Workspace Scroller

Extension for the Cinnamon desktop environment developed by Linux Mint. It can be found at Cinnamon Spices page and installed via Cinnamon extensions manager.

Extension enables you to quickly switch between workspaces. This is an alternative to Desktop Scroller but more customizable. Also it has no visual indication.

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Patrick-1 week ago
I like it but on my double screen desktop, the right edge doesn't respond and it only works on my secondary display
fazla86-7 months ago
Works good with Cinnamon 4.8.6 on Linux Mint 20.1 Ulyssa
Goloka-2 years ago
I have it installed in cinnamon 4.2.4, it gives me the warning that it is not compatible with the cinnamon version, do they have a heavy update?
mumeiyamibito-3 years ago
I like this extension, because it can assign scroll action to top and bottom edges. But the extension cannot scroll between first and last workspaces (Desktop Scroller can do it).
Jenrry Soto Dextre
Jenrry Soto Dextre-4 years ago
gracias por añadir esta extención en cinnamon debe de estar incluido o formar parte del sistema. gracias yo sé que llegará ese momento que tus sueños se hagan realidad. saludos desde Lima Perú