Cinnamon Dynamic Wallpaper

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Cinnamon extension for dynamic desktop backgrounds based on time and location



Cinnamon Dynamic Wallpaper

About the project

This extension switches the background image of your Cinnamon desktop multiple times in a day, based on a location or custom time periods. You can choose between included image-sets, your own HEIC-file or a source folder with single images. Configuration through a user-friendly configuration window.


  • 9 included image sets
  • 10 day periods
  • HEIF converter
  • Image configuration assistent with simple one-click setup for image choices
  • Online location estimation (three provider) or offline with manual latitude and longitude input
  • Time periods individual configured by user
  • Offline sun angles estimation
  • Image stretching over multiple displays or repeat image for every display
  • Creating a color gradient based on the current wallpaper for images which not fill the whole screen

Tested Cinnamon versions

  • 5.4 (Mint 21)
  • 5.6 (Mint 21.1)
  • 5.8 (Mint 21.2)
  • 6.0 (Mint 21.3)


  • JavaScript
    • Display desktop notifications
    • Calling the Python loop script every 60 seconds to refresh the background image
  • Python
    • Handles the preference window
    • Esimates the location
    • Changes of the desktop wallpapers
  • Glade
    • Preference window UI design


      From Built-in Extension Manager

      1. Open "Extensions" in Linux Mint or any other distribution with Cinnamon as Desktop Environment
      2. Click on "Download"
      3. Search and download it

From the repo

  1. Download the latest from the Releases page on GitHub:
  2. Extract the files
  3. Copy the folder cinnamon-dynamic-wallpaper@TobiZog to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/extensions/


  4. Active the Extension via Cinnamon Extension Manager
  5. Open the settings
  6. Configure it to your
    • You can apply the setted settings without closing the window if you click on "Apply"
  7. If your config is complete, click on "OK"

    Preferences Window

    Because of the lack of configuration options in the standard Cinnamon configuration system for extensions offers this extension a custom preference window.
    All configuration will be handled there. You can choose between included image sets, a HEIC file or a folder source and set the image to ten different daytime periods. Time periods will be estimated via network, custom coordinations or custom time periods. Some behaviour preferences (strech image, fill empty background with gradient color) are also here.



    You want to contribute a language which isn't supported yet? Here is how to do:

  8. Fork the cinnamon-spices-extensions project:
  9. Pull the repository
  10. Open cinnamon-dynamic-wallpaper@TobiZog/files/cinnamon-dynamic-wallpaper@TobiZog/po/cinnamon-dynamic-wallpaper@TobiZog.pot with a po-tool like poedit (
  11. Create a new translation in your language
  12. Push the changes to your repository
  13. Create a pull request

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Nekkowe!-2 months ago
This is my favourite extension period, I think. It just adds a really wonderful feel to the desktop in general, and the default wallpaper sets are really nice... I like lakeside best, personally!
Sam Kamau
Sam Kamau-3 months ago
Every time I log in to my computer, I get a dialog screen asking me to install 'libheif-examples'. How do I disable this dialog screen?
TobiZog-2 months ago
This is a extension, which my extension needs to convert heic images to jpeg. Why do you don't want to install?
LinuxParadigm-4 months ago
Thank you for this great extension. Running great on Linux Mint 21.3. I do have a question about importing an heic file to generate an image set. When I import an HEIC file only one jpg file is generated, and that one file is set for each time of day. Shouldn't the import automatically generate 9 different jpg files so that the dynamic time of day works? There is no documentation about this and I only know what I know based on experimenting. Also, the HEIC file extension must be lower case to even get one jpg file generated.
TobiZog-4 months ago
The HEIC extractor in my Extension extracts all images inside the HEIC file to single JPEG files. So, if the creator of the HEIC file includes three different images, the extractor will extract three files. It's very common, that HEIC files are packed with only 3-4 different images. E.g. the popular "Tokyo Street" wallpaper out there includes only four images. Which HEIC file do you use? You can extract them manually by opening the console in the file folder and run "heif-converter SOURCE.heic dest.jpeg" (change SOURCE to your file name).
LinuxParadigm-4 months ago
It seems like the issue might be that I wrongly expected that your extension would take a single HEIC file and create a set of images with gradients like the built-in image sets (i.e., mountain, cliff, aurora, etc.).
Gean-Torres-4 months ago
Testing on Mint 21.3, working seamlessly... Perfect!
Juan-Lutz-6 months ago
simply beautiful. Thank you
richo-9 months ago
Thank you very much, this is great. (muchas gracias, esta genial).
020JRO-10 months ago
Love it!, Thank you :-)
Barabbas-10 months ago
Sadly the dynamic wallpaper don't set up.
claudiux-11 months ago
Sunny and funny! Thank you.