Cinnamon Dynamic Wallpaper

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Cinnamon extension for dynamic desktop backgrounds based on time and location



Cinnamon Dynamic Wallpaper

About the project

Based on a location, this extension calculates the periods of a day and switches the background image of your Cinnamon desktop. The extension offers the choice between a set of included wallpapers or to select a HEIC-file.


  • 8 included image sets
  • 9 day periods
  • HEIF converter
  • Image configuration assistent with simple one-click setup for image choose
  • Online location estimation or offline with manual latitude and longitude input
  • Offline sun angles estimation
  • Image stretching over multiple displays or repeat image for every display

Tested Cinnamon versions

  • 4.8 (Mint 20.1)
  • 5.0 (Mint 20.2)
  • 5.2 (Mint 20.3)
  • 5.4 (Mint 21)
  • 5.6 (Mint 21.1)
  • 5.8 (Mint 21.2)


  • Using JavaScript for
    • Sun angle estimation
    • Location estimation
    • Change of the desktop wallpapers
  • Python displays the Image Configurator
  • Image Configurator UI was written with Glade


From Built-in Extension Manager

  1. Open "Extensions" in Linux Mint or any other distribution with Cinnamon as Desktop Environment
  2. Click on "Download"
  3. Search and download it

From the repo

  1. Download the Repository
  2. Extract the files
  3. Copy the folder cinnamon-dynamic-wallpaper@TobiZog to ~/.local/share/cinnamon/extensions/

How to use it

  1. Active the Extension via Cinnamon Extension Manager
  2. Open the settings
  3. Keep Estimate coordinates via network active or disable it and insert latitude and longitude in the fields
  4. Choose a set of images or disable it and select for every daytime an image manually

Image Configurator

The Cinnamon Dynamic Wallpaper extension offers an integrated image configuration assistant. Here, you can choose an included image set or import a HEIC-file from your system. You have to choose the images for the time periods after the import.

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richo-1 week ago
Thank you very much, this is great. (muchas gracias, esta genial).
020JRO-1 month ago
Love it!, Thank you :-)
Barabbas-1 month ago
Sadly the dynamic wallpaper don't set up.
claudiux-2 months ago
Sunny and funny! Thank you.