Elementary Luna Mod 2.4

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This theme is based on Elementary Luna Mod theme by half-left, with some changes and some elements taken from Google+ Cinnamon Theme, and eOS Gnome Shell theme. See the original theme here: http://www.half-left.deviantart.com/gallery/26559426#/d4zyedu

This theme uses Droid Sans as its main font. Get it here: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Droid-Sans/

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  1. anoncurly says:

    2 years ago

    don't work i use Mint 17...i download this, I activated and don't want to change

  2. abnvolk says:

    3 years ago

    I don't know :) Right now I'm just using a transparent theme :)

  3. Merlin says:

    3 years ago

    @abnvolk: Thank you for your help. One and hopefully last question: What docky theme would you recommend to match your theme?

  4. abnvolk says:

    3 years ago

    To Merlin: Well, unfortunately my Cinnamon theme doesn't have a matching theme for applications, so you'll have to mix and match different themes. This theme looks good: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Orion-GTK3-Theme-281431756 As for Docky, you just need to click the anchor icon at the very left of the dock to change settings - autohide, Docky themes... and right-click application icons to pin them to the dock. :)

  5. Merlin says:

    3 years ago

    Hey, like voidanany I'm new to Cinnamon. Could you please put up a short but complete tutorial on how to install your magnificent theme? I read your description, installed Faenza successfully. I dont know how to make the windows look like you, the applications, what has this all to do with GTK+? How should one configure Docky? Sorry again for all the dumbness.

  6. abnvolk says:

    3 years ago

    To voidanany: 1. My icon pack is Faenza. There are plenty of instructions on how to install it on the web - you just have to Google it. 2. My theme is a Cinnamon theme, which changes the look of the Cinnamon shell (panel, app menu...) only. Applications use GTK+ themes, so you need to change it in Cinnamon Settings - Themes - Other themes - Controls. There are quite a few themes and icon packs on the Internet, and some in Software Manager (Adwaita, Ambiance...). 3. Go to Cinnamon Settings - Panel to change the icon and the menu button's name. 4. Install "Docky" in Software Manager and start it to have a dock. You can learn a lot by playing around :) And to remove the window list, go to Cinnamon Settings - Applets. You can add and remove other applets as well.

  7. voidandany says:

    3 years ago

    Thanks for this theme, i'm new in Cinnamon, so sorry for my dumbs questions : How to modify icons (copy an icon pack in /usr/share/icon) ? Which icon pack do you use ? Is it normal that with your theme hover menu are stille green ? (I wan't to remove all the mint green) What your dock ? How do you do to customize the menu label and icon (applicationand no icon in your screen capture) ? And last one (sorry) you openned application are only displayed in your dock not in the top panel ? Thanks

  8. abnvolk says:

    3 years ago

    Fixed, thanks!

  9. mjpoetic says:

    3 years ago

    Anyway this can be updated to support the "Windows 7 & Cinnamon, Menu" applet? It looks weird when this theme is enabled.

  10. abnvolk says:

    3 years ago

    @Rehdon: Here you are :) http://ubuntuone.com/0E4WpDoTKN5s1G4MQlp3q9

  11. abnvolk says:

    3 years ago

    @ricot23: Feel free to modify it :D I ported it myself, because there are many similarities between Gnome Shell themes and Cinnamon ones. @Rehdon: I'm afraid you'll have to change many things... :(

  12. Rehdon says:

    3 years ago

    Very nice, but would it be possible to have a version with black panel menus? or, can you point me to what should be changed to that effect? Thanks in advance :) Rehdon

  13. ricot23 says:

    3 years ago

    Hi Abnvolk, Great Elementary Luna Mod and Facebook themes thank you . Can I modify your themes for new themes? Are they License under GPL ? Is there a website : HOW TO port gnome-shell to cinnamon Thank you

  14. Yubaba says:

    4 years ago

    And thank you for fixing it. :) This is now my number one go-to theme for new Mint Cinnamon installs. I think it has a beautiful balance between colour, and light and dark styling. The best. :)

  15. abnvolk says:

    4 years ago

    Thanks for spotting the bug, now I've fixed it :D

  16. Yubaba says:

    4 years ago

    Gorgeous theme, but one bug I've found is if you select to have your workspace set as a grid in Expo, the workspace names get covered over by the windows (I have 4 set, and this is very noticeable) . Otherwise this one's stellar!

  17. Lochii says:

    4 years ago

    Best theme I've seen yet, thanks!

  18. abnvolk says:

    4 years ago

    Yay! I've fixed it!!!

  19. abnvolk says:

    4 years ago

    Now I've spotted the problem. When being hovered, the menu icon shrinks. I overlooked that, because my menu doesn't have an icon. In older versions of the theme, the problem didn't exist!? So I will check the css file in the next few days, but in the meantime you can use a text-only menu button to avoid this annoyance. The fullscreen problem doesn't have anything to do with themes, I think.

  20. Arrow2Knee says:

    4 years ago

    Hi, cool theme, but it seems that the windows don't recognise the menu bar. When I set a program to use full screen it overlaps with the menu bar (it goes under it) so that I can't access the bottom buttons of the application. Also, when you hover on 'menu' it changes size, can you change that please? Very cool theme!

  21. abnvolk says:

    4 years ago

    Could you please make a small screenshot of the bug? I can't seem to find it.

  22. clem says:

    4 years ago

    5 stars from me and certified 1.6! Just one minor annoyance... the highlight on the menu button make the elements in the panel move a little (probably due to the menu button changing size).

  23. wtgserpant says:

    4 years ago

    Awesome ............................ I used it for gnome-shell and now I am using it for cinnamon! :D