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A dark theme based on Material Design Guidelines. Cinnamon, Metacity, GTK2, GTK3.18, & GTK3.22 themes are included.




A dark theme based on Material Design Guidelines. Cinnamon, Metacity, GTK2, GTK3.18 and GTK3.22+ themes are included.


This is a build of Tista's Adapta theme made for Cinnamon Spices.

Version / Modifications

Original Source Code

Fork for this build

This build is based on Adapta version with the following modifications.

  • Retain support for GTK 3.18
  • Stylesheets distributed in deobfuscated .css format
  • Build includes Cinnamon, GTK 2.0, 3.18, 3.22 & Metacity-1 themes only
  • GTK3.18 & 3.22 - Added support for different colored backgrounds in Nemo dual pane view
  • GTK3.18 & 3.22 - Cleaned out irrelevant third party styling related to non-Cinnamon desktop enviroments.
  • script included to fix issues with firefox and dark themes
  • Cinnamon - fixed workspace-switcher applet on vertical panels
  • Cinnamon - fixed to menu theming for Cinnamenu compatibility
  • Cinnamon - Cinnamon 4.0 Grouped Window Applet theming by @jaszhix & @smurphos
  • Cinnamon - support for Cinnamon 4.0 windows overview theming
  • Cinnamon - fixed keyboard applet on vertical panels
  • Cinnamon - fixed off-centre media-key osd
  • Cinnamon - added spacing to menu-favorites-box to distinguish scrollbox from system-buttons
  • GTK 3.22 - Add a minimum height to headerbars.


This theme is distributed under the terms of the GPLv2.0 license

Assets in svg format are distributed under the terms of the CC BY-SA 4.0 license

Cinnamon thumbnail includes a depiction of icons from Sam Hewitt's Paper Icons licensed under CC-SA-4.0

Wallpaper in screenshots is from Adapta Backgrounds licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 license


There are 4 variants of this theme available.

  • Adapta - light version of theme - recommended for users on GTK 3.22+ systems with 1080p screen resolution or greater
  • Adapta-Nokto - dark version of theme - recommended for users on GTK 3.22+ systems with 1080p screen resolution or greater
  • Adapta-Eta - light compact version of theme - recommended for users on GTK 3.18 systems or GTK3.22+ systems with screen resolution < 1080p
  • Adapta-Nokto-Eta - dark compact version of theme - recommended for users on GTK 3.18 systems or GTK3.22+ systems with screen resolution < 1080p

Install via Cinnamon's Themes module in Cinnamon settings or download from Cinnamon Spices and unzip into your ~/.themes directory.

Select the theme as your Desktop, Controls and Window Borders in the Cinnamon Themes module.

To allow the GTK2, GTK3 and Metacity1 themes to apply to GUI apps running as root run this command in your terminal after installation to create symlinks to user themes in the system theme directory.

sudo ln -s ~/.themes/* /usr/share/themes/


This theme is compatible with Cinnamon versions 3.2.x, 3.4.x, 3.6.x, 3.8.x & 4.0

The GTK3 themes require GTK 3.18.x or 3.2x

Tested on Linux Mint 18.2, 18.3 & 19 64bit with Cinnamon 3.4.x, 3.6.x, and 3.8.x. Also tested on Manjaro with Cinnamon 4.0

Firefox fix

If you have problems seeing text on input fields in Firefox with any particular theme this problem can be solved by adding a ~/.mozilla/firefox/********.default/user.js file to your Firefox default profile including the line user_pref("widget.content.gtk-theme-override", "Adwaita"); and restarting Firefox.

This forces Firefox to use the GTK default Adwaita theme for rendering all website content.

The theme includes a helper script that creates the file with this content in the correct location. To access the tool open a terminal window and use the following command to make the script executable and launch it.

chmod +x ~/.themes/Adapta-Nokto/ && ~/.themes/Adapta-Nokto/

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Hartmut Doering
Hartmut Doering-2 months ago
Nice, clean, flat Theme. - To get the applet icons fit perfect on 2k monitors in Mint 19.1 with the new Panel Bar I changed the icon size to 22px till this is taken care of. - Also Papirus-Adapta-Nokta Icons go very well with this Theme
Vernon-3 months ago
Hey, I really like your theme I just have some questions. Is it normal that the volume icon is not centered? It's a little to the right. Also, the software manager is white, is that normal too?
Steve M
Steve M-3 months ago
Software Manager or Synaptic? Synaptic runs as root - to apply spice added themes globally you need to run ' sudo ln -s ~/.themes/* /usr/share/themes/ ' in a termianl as per the read-me. I'm not seeing any offset in the volume icon - that might be down to your icon theme - or maybe you have a spacer in you applets?
Vernon-3 months ago
Sorry, my bad. I don't speak english very well so I don't know how it's called in english but yeah, I run that on the terminal and now it's fixed. But the thing with the volume icon persist. Don't know what could make that happen. Whats a spacer? In my applets I only have Icing Task Manager, Cinnamenu and Color Picker. And when changing to the default theme the volume icon goes back to the center and a little higher (all without changing icon theme). Could it be because I'm on LM 19.1? Anyways, it's not a big problem, I'm just wondering. Your theme is the best!
Steve M
Steve M-3 months ago
No worries - maybe you should post it as an issue with screenshots so I can see if I can work out what is going on. I'm using 19.1 as-well. BTW I can take very little credit for the theme - I've only really added support from Cinnamon 4 in Mint 19.1, and kept it working for users on Mint 18.x - the hard work was done by the original developer who sadly isn't working on the project any more.
Vernon-3 months ago
Done! Oh, I see. But still thanks for making it available for us! I'm really happy with this theme.
Steve M
Steve M-3 months ago
Cheers - I see what you mean now - it's the Media Key OSD (On Screen Display) and you are right i't not centred properly. Easily fixed. Thanks for reporting!
Vernon-3 months ago
Cool! It's fixed. Thanks for all the help!
Seth Bergman
Seth Bergman-6 months ago
Small typo: `chmod +x ~/.themes/Adapta-Nokto/ && ~/.themes/Adapta-Nokto/` ==> I just removed `/cinnamon/` after the &&.
Steve M
Steve M-6 months ago
Thanks - fixed.
Raul Cote
Raul Cote-7 months ago
Just found it. Just in case anyone wants to add the shadow. On cinnamon.css file add the following class: .switcher-preview-backdrop ie: .switcher-preview-backdrop { background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.6); } Save changes and while doing alt-tab only the selected app will be lighted.
Raul Cote
Raul Cote-7 months ago
Great theme. Adapta Themes are my favourite on Cinnamon, my only complain is that cinnamon "window preview" alt-tab is a very great feature. It put a shadow on the screen and only light the app where you are alt-tabbing, it makes very easy and fast to go through. Adapta Theme don't put the shadows so make this alt-tab option kind of useless as it's more difficult to see where you are. I hope it can be fixed on future updates, it's a great missing detail.
Stephan Helas
Stephan Helas-3 months ago
I miss this feature as well!!
Minessota Klei
Minessota Klei-8 months ago
Awesome theme!
Quentin DANJOU
Quentin DANJOU-8 months ago
Just a very big thanks for that awesome and full theme! I can't believe I'm the first to leave a comment here. Please continue to support Cinnamon! Work on Mint 19 - Cinnamon 3.8.8 Small bug, it seems that the size of the text in the calendar is a little bit small compared to the given screen capture given on the project repository.