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A semi-transparent Cinnamon theme, with Firefox extra and Conky (see 'more info' for details). Inspired by the CBlack theme.




A semi-transparent Cinnamon theme, with Firefox extra and Conky. Inspired by the CBlack theme (author: cloweling).

If you want a panel that is not transparent, modify the line 275 of the file ~/.themes/CGreen/cinnamon/cinnamon.css. For example: background-color: rgba(53, 57, 69, 0.50); . A value of 0 is equivalent to total transparency and 1 is totally opaque. Restart Cinnamon (Ctrl+Alt+Esc) for immediate modification.

Don't hesitate to bring up inconsistencies in the theme or the extras here.

Firefox extra

This is a css file that changes the color of the address bar according to the security of a site:

Just copy the file ~/.themes/CGreen/cinnamon/userChrome.css and paste it into ~/.mozilla/firefox/YOUR_PROFILE/chrome/. If the chrome directory is not present in your profile, you will need to create it.

From Firefox 69 and after:

You must type about:config in the address bar and then modify the value toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets by double-clicking on it to switch it to TRUE.


From Firefox 77 and after:

You need to reinstall the userChrome.css file in the Firefox profile. To make sure you get the latest version of the theme, follow this link or install the 'Spices Update' applet.

Without this modifications, the extra doesn't work.


  • Install the conky or conky-all package, depending on the GNU/Linux distribution. curl must already be present, if it isn't, you should install it as well.

  • Download the Brizel font here, then unzip into ~/.local/share/fonts. The fc-cache -f -v command may be needed to update the fonts.

  • Copy the file located in ~/.themes/CGreen/cinnamon/TimeFull and paste it into ~/.conky (these are hidden folders: Ctrl+h to show them). You must also allow the file to run with the command chmod 750 ~/.conky/TimeFull. More informations can be found at the beginning of the file.


This theme is distributed under the terms of the GPLv3.0 license.



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Yt5vV7LYmd-2 years ago
Well done. Made an account just to give you the credits. Besides the style, I like that its way darker than most of the "dark" themes.
Bundy01-2 years ago
Hi, thank you for making the effort, it's a pleasure :)
Claudio Lazaro
Claudio Lazaro-2 years ago
Good job team !
Bundy01-2 years ago
Yeah, thanks.