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A Cinnamox Theme

Cinnamox Theme

This is a theme featuring dark colour gradiants, gentle curves and light borders and text. It includes a Cinnamon Desktop theme along with matching colourised Numix style GTK2, GTK3 and Metacity1 themes for a full Cinnamox experience.


Cinnamon theme handcrafted by smurphos.

GTK2, GTK3 and Metacity1 themes made with the assistance of the Oomox app.

Menu in screenshots is the excellent CinnVIIStarkMenu.


Install via Cinnamon's Themes app or download and unzip into your ~/.themes directory.

Select the Cinnamox theme as your Desktop, Controls and Window Borders in the Cinnamon Themes app.

To allow the GTK2, GTK3 and Metacity1 themes to apply to GUI apps running as root run this command in your terminal after installation to create symlinks to user themes in the system theme directory.

sudo ln -s ~/.themes/* /usr/share/themes/


This theme is compatible with Cinnamon versions 3.2.x and 3.4.x

The GTK3 themes require GTK 3.18.x

The GTK2 theme requires the package gtk2-engines-murrine to be installed. This is a default package in Linux Mint.

Tested on Linux Mint 18.2 64bit with Cinnamon 3.4.6


2017-08-26 - Release

2017-08-27 - Fixed Screenshot.png to screenshot.png. GTK3 tidy up. Added border to GTK3 tooltip. Added darker background to Nemo inactive pane.

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Brian A
Brian A-1 week ago
This theme looks really good, thanks. I'd like to include the background too but I can't see how to get it.