Discreet Flat

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4 years ago 2019-08-02, 23:50
Last commit: [327c42dd] Fix invisible sound bar (#582)

A dark theme designed to get the best out of flat design, without harming usability



Discreet Flat

Discreet Flat is a dark Cinnamon theme. It aims to get the best out of flat design without harming usability.

I want to create the theme that fits me perfectly, maybe it will fit you too? If not, let me know why!


Install Stylus, then use the command below to generate the CSS. Please do not edit cinnamon.css manually.

$ stylus src/cinnamon.styl -o files/Discreet-Flat/cinnamon


1.2.1 - 02/08/2019

  • Fix invisible OSD sound bar (#569)

1.2.0 - 22/11/2018

  • Updated for Cinnamon 4.0
  • Backported fixes
  • Color adjustments

1.1.5 - 26/05/2018

  • Add support for having the taskbar at the bottom, left and right

1.1.4 - 22/05/2018

  • Added support for Cinnamon 3.6's progress indicator
  • Updated for Cinnamon 3.8

1.1.3 - 29/04/2017

  • Change the window tab color when it is trying to alert the user
  • Updated for Cinnamon 3.4

1.1.2 - 26/12/2016

  • Fixed the panel color in edit mode
  • Fixed the vertical panels
  • Harmonized colors

1.1.1 - 09/11/2016

  • Updated for Cinnamon 3.2

1.1.0 - 04/12/2015

  • Updated for Cinnamon 2.8
  • Improved the workspace switcher and the calendar

1.0.3 - 01/07/2015

  • Taskbar fix

1.0.2 - 29/06/2015

  • Updated for Cinnamon 2.6

1.0.1 - 12/11/2014

  • Updated for Cinnamon 2.4
  • Few other fixes

1.0.0 - 28/10/2014

  • Edited the taskbar
  • Few other fixes

0.9.2 - 25/10/2014

  • Edited notifications

0.9.1 - 03/07/2014

  • Few fixes and improvements

0.9.0 - ~24/05/2014

  • Initial release

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hen6003-4 years ago
im new to linux found this and will prob never change looks amazing!
annoyingduck-5 years ago
Still the best Cinnamon theme ever. Thanks for the continued support, I haven't changed from Discreet Flat in years, it's perfect. The only thing I do is edit the .css file to make the panel transparent, maybe you could consider publishing a transparent panel version for others to enjoy...
Julien Mourer
Julien Mourer-5 years ago
Thanks for the kind message, I appreciate it! Regarding making a transparent version: Stylus has a feature that could be used to conditionally generate different variations of a theme: http://stylus-lang.com/docs/js.html#definename-node . I don't want to put effort into making this work unless there is a big demand for variations though. However if you know some JavaScript and would like to set this up, I would gladly accept it!
annoyingduck-5 years ago
Unfortunately I'm just a desktop user, no Java skills here! Here's my Mega link to your current Discreet-Flat 05/26/18 theme with line #92 in cinnamon.css edited with "background-color: rgba(175,175,175,0.00);" which makes the panel transparent: https://mega.nz/#!GNxTUJ5Y!SAmoiGbIGV5gPlBeYJAhqc8ltxoZPgyRzGZyykB53tc Check it out, I love it. The first time I used XFCE where you can make the panel transparent right in the panel-settings, I became hooked on the transparent panel look.