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3 years ago 2020-01-17, 11:52
Last commit: [930cb597] Divo: increase gradient for active windows in window list (#609)

A light panel theme with dark highlighting



A light theme with dark highlighting. The central section is transparent, which works well if you want to create a simple dock-style window list/launcher there. A squared off teardrop motif is used in menu highlighting and elsewhere.

Inspired by the void theme (credit luisrafaelgalvez)

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Francis Blaine Clark
I was looking for a nice theme that wouldn't screw with font size. My old eyes don't like that. This is one of the few that didn't, plus, it's very nice on the eyes in other ways too.
ranjith35333-4 years ago
This is the theme i was looking for. Made my day. Thank you soooo much. I wonder if you post icon theme related to this :D
PizzaDude-4 years ago
Nice, I like it, but with some applets and some icon themes there's oversized (stretched) applets.
mn-mint-4 years ago
I've used Graphite-One for some time and really appreciate it but a family member needed a dock. This theme fits nicely, although I do miss the graphite scheme, I'll stay with this for now. Thanks for the excellent work.
Simon Brown
Simon Brown-4 years ago
I hope you like the theme. The void theme was always quite popular, but unfortunately the cc-nc-nd license was incompatible with the regular maintenance that a Cinnamon theme requires to track Cinnamon as it evolves. This new theme is evolved from a mint-x light theme base, and so is quite different in elements of applet, control icon, and shading detail. Hence the Divo name. Design cues of the square teardrop, vertical light gradients, the transparent central region, and dark mouseover highlighting should be quite familiar. This theme is up to date with Cinnamon 4.0, and should be able to be maintained readily. I will consider if I can add GTK3 CSS to it in the future so as to extend the theming possibilities, but that relies on having time available, and on the priority of other development work, so no promises. Very happy if someone wants to take that on and PR it of course.