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1 month ago 2023-10-09, 06:03
Last commit: [aa383a7c] Glass-Mint-Classic: Fix menu size for Cinnamon 5.8.4 (#760)

Semi-transparent theme with Mint colors and classic borders.



Basing: Glass themes are based on Ambience Ubuntu 2.3, Ambience Mint 2.3, Ambience Elementary 2.5, by the authorship of bimsebasse. (currently are removed)

Supported Cinnamon: Themes have Cinnamon 1.8 and later versions support. Last supported version: 3.4.3

Installation: Extract {Glass-Theme-Name} folder (which contains 'cinnamon' folder) from archive into either /usr/share/themes/ (as root) or ~/.themes/ (recommended).

Other Glass themes:

Totally there are: Glass Mint, Glass Mint Classic, Glas Ubuntu, Glass Ubuntu Classic, Glass Wheezy, Glass Wheezy Classic, Glass Fedora, Glass Fedora Classic, Glass Lemon, Glass Lemon Classic, Glass Glaucous, Glass Glaucous Classic.


Best regards, Vladislav.


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Peter Curtis
Peter Curtis-4 years ago
Just found your theme whilst looking for alternatives for Cinnamon 4.0 and will be using it for a while. It works well on 3.8 but it is a little difficult to see which windows are in use on 4.0 as the border is very narrow. Could you make the border a bit thicker or use the underscore as in 3.8. I have also looked for your other themes above and most seem to be missing.