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3 weeks ago 2018-12-25, 21:22 UTC
Last commit: [41231488] Graphite-one: add some icon shadow (#534)

Dark gradient theme. Monochrome applet mouseover. Applet details are also monochrome. Monochrome menu wording that uses only shadow highlighting for comfortable menu scrolling. Credit to theme Double Down by Frankula and Dewman 12. Theme Graphite-Zero is a green-tinged version of this.

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Simon Brown
Simon Brown-10 months ago
I find it wryly amusing how this theme languishes here undiscovered. I guess most people seem to just look at the most popular themes, and then try those, a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. I am the author, so I am hardly unbiased, but I find this to be a very good theme. Built on a dark gradient concept with imaginative uses of border highlighting to give easy on the eye highlights (credit to Frankula and Dewman 12 for all that), it gives a menu that both feels modern and is easy to navigate fast without distracting colour splashes. Animations are fast and flow naturally under a rapidly moving mouse. It's sharp and crisp if you are lucky enough to be running a HiDPI screen. It's very liveable with. I think it deserves a try out at least.