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3 years ago 2020-09-28, 12:32
Last commit: [e28bba27] Graphite: update screenshots (#668)

Dark gradient theme. Green tinged applet mouseover. Monochrome menu wording that uses only shadow highlighting for comfortable menu scrolling. Credit to theme Double Down by Frankula and Dewman 12. Credit to theme Ant-Dracula for some GTK control buttons. Theme Graphite-One is a completely monochrome version of this.

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hp9hat-4 years ago
a great theme fantastic thanks
claudiux-6 years ago
A great theme! Thanks!
Jerry Frazee
Jerry Frazee-6 years ago
i am dewman12
Jerry Frazee
Jerry Frazee-6 years ago
Thank You for keeping the theme up to date and alive .
X4 ااتم
X4 ااتم-6 years ago
Steve Murphy
Steve Murphy-7 years ago
One of my favourite dark themes to go with Mint-Y-Dark Controls and Borders. The only thing that I'd maybe change is to make the the applet mouseover effect a little more subtle. Menu looks beautiful (both the stock Cinnamon, and Custom Cinnamon Menu).