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2 years ago 2021-01-27, 00:52
Last commit: [e2bb58ab] Jade 1 (#677)

A fork of Adwaita with dark menus, light panels and mintgreen color accents.




A fork of the original Linux Mint theme with dark menus, more intensive green and some other modifications.


cinnamon version 3.2


Clone or download the repo and move the containing folder 'Jade-1' to your ~/.themes directory, or to /usr/share/themes (needs root access).

Icon Pack

You can find the shown iconpack at Github in the iconpack-jade-repository.

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bluecoat58-2 years ago
I love the theme. I'd like to see the title bar smaller...like Graphite-one has it.
asciiman0-2 years ago
It is a shame this fine theme is not being maintained to stay up with current Cinnamon releases. For some time now Thunderbird has had issues with screen draws, dropping out sections of its panes when cursor hovers over certain areas. So far, the theme is still usable, but it is getting long in the tooth now.
scottdd-2 years ago
This is a great theme with nice attention to detail that works really well with both light and dark icon sets and controls.
jairoraiol-2 years ago
Great theme. Awaiting update for Cinnamon >= 4.4.8
Nikon1981-3 years ago
Please upgrade to 4.6.x
asciiman0-3 years ago
Thanks for this theme. It's one of the best I have seen in a long while. I hope you will continue to maintain it. In Mint Cinnamon 19.3, running Cinnamon Version 4.4.8, I do occasionally get some screen artifacts. Block sections of a browser window will drop out when cursoring over it, revealing a rectangular "hole" in the window through which I can see part of the desktop image. Strange. When I use the standard Mint X or Y themes, no such issue. Hope you will continue to maintain this theme so we can enjoy it for years to come.
amkinser7-3 years ago
I really like this theme.
asciiman0-3 years ago
Thanks for this theme! Easy on the eyes and improved color!!
Daniel Jircă
Daniel Jircă-4 years ago
Nice to see the windows borders found some love, finally..
sla80x-4 years ago
This is one of the BEST themes!