UUID: Kiss-Kool-Viper
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5 years ago 2018-03-04, 04:40
Last commit: [420d1b71] Kiss-Kool-Viper: update for Cinnamon 3.8 (#344)

A dark theme with subtle texture



Theme created under Linux Mint 18
Wallpaper created with Gimp
Gtk3, Gtk2, Cinnamon, Metacity.
Background of the theme created with Gimp
Metacity png created with Gimp

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Phillip H. Blanton
Phillip H. Blanton-7 months ago
It's a nice looking theme, but it totally hoses the menu fonts on my system. I'd post a screenshot but it doesn't look like I can. I wouldn't mind installing a new font in order to try it out, but there are no instructions about which font is needed. The theme must implement a font fall-back so that it doesn't make your system's menus like like a string of profanities. Otherwise it looks like a lot of work has gone into it and that it'd be nice but I am disinclined to dig through reams of config files looking for the offending font entries.
Gérson-1 year ago
The controls glitch settings tab select
Gérson-1 year ago
Nice theme!
Simon Brown
Simon Brown-4 years ago
The font will not be to everyone's taste, but it is certainly a distinctive one. Other than the font it is a straightforward very dark theme, with good contrast.