by karthikbhupathy13
UUID: Metallic_Cyan
Score: 3
Last edited: 2 months ago
Last commit: d3521d2bf3b0c221b978254c1b4f29469b7c529a

Supported Cinnamon: Themes have Cinnamon 1.8 and later versions support. Last supported version: 3.2.7


Best regards, Karthik.


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I've looked thru all the themes here and I keep coming back to this one. It really is a theme I would have built.
Any cinnamon 3.4 support in the future?
Karthik Bhupathy
Karthik Bhupathy-2 months ago
Thanks a lot Dinesh and Steve for your feedback.
@Steve - I'll check the theme and modify it accordingly to your feedback. :)
Steve Murphy
Steve Murphy-2 months ago
Nice - tooltip font size is a little big other than that very pleasant on the eye.
Dinesh Bob
Dinesh Bob-2 months ago
Very nice