Mint-XP (GTK3, GTK2 and metacity included)

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5 years ago 2018-03-04, 06:45
Last commit: [b23b3c1e] Mint-XP: update for cinnamon 3.8 (#348)

A theme for XP fans



For all you XP fans out there.

GTK3 and GTK2 from

I recommend using Starkmenu applet.
Get it here:

For icons i recommend "win-icons" from noobslab.



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nuffens-2 months ago
the look is great but the window boarders are broken. I'd love to have it updated to fix that. the work here is great otherwise
bahuers-2 months ago
The changes for window border and applications are not working, everything looks white and its broken
Wellington Melo
Wellington Melo-3 years ago
I'm using fedora 31 + Cinnamon I can use the themes but not install any window border. Some clue to fix it ?
caebo-1 year ago
The window borders work, but the GUI doesn't let me chose them. Use the command line to bypass that problem and type: gsettings set org.cinnamon.desktop.wm.preferences theme 'Mint-XP' (For the theme itself: gsettings set org.cinnamon.theme name "Mint-XP" ) You can also use these commands to create keyboard shortcuts for all your themes ;-)
timvalen-5 years ago
Very nice, good change up. I always liked the xp blue.
Greyfus-5 years ago
Mix the cinnamon theme from petrucci4prez and the new linux mint, and you have gold. THis and that one are very close, except this one is more updated Now we just need the title bar to be blue again. It wont show up in the themes except for cinnamon, which has a slightly of separator applet
Max Antipov
Max Antipov-6 years ago
Hey! Can't find contacts of developer and will try to ask here. What's wrong with this theme or with me? Did I broke something? And how can I fix it? I want at least a bright background on a windows. Mint 18.1, Cinnamon, 64-bit. Thanks. Here I place a screenshot in png
NikoKrause-6 years ago
I recommend the CinnXP theme: