Mint Y Dark Blue

UUID: Mint-Y-Dark-Blue
Last edited:
6 months ago 2018-03-04, 18:38 UTC
Last commit: [83fe6dc1] Mint-Y-Dark-Blue: update for cinnamon 3.8 (#356)

This is the default dark Mint-Y theme of Linux Mint with blue buttons, blue icons, blue mouse rectangle selection and smaller panel font.

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Ghost106-9 months ago
The theme looks good but in some windows instead, of the theme we have an ugly windows 2000 look.
Shubham Waghe
Shubham Waghe-10 months ago
Scroll bars not visible!!! please let me know if it is only happening for me. and I had dashed outline-style for everything which I fixed myself by editing css. How do I make scroll bars visible (to blue or some colour) Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon 2.8.8 Screenshot:
Bora Ön
Bora Ön-1 year ago
These color options should be automatic in mint.