UUID: Mint-Y-Yltra-Dark
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5 months ago 2017-09-21, 14:30 UTC
Last commit: [8d8648f6] 7 themes: nonexistent github user names and license keys (#222)

Modded blueish version of the original Mint-Y theme

If you find some mintish green leftovers or other bugs, please let me know. :-)

Note: The icons seen on the screenshots are "Yltra-Flat-Arch-Blue" by Erik Dubois. I'm using a slightly modified version of it, so some icons might be different.

You can download his icon-theme here:

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Marko-1 month ago
Hello. I found that some letters like "y" "p" etc. was cutted by the search input field (see screenshot in link). It's safe to edit the cinnamon.css file to change the font type and/or the size? And what lines to edit? Thanks in advance.
ben2talk-1 week ago
Interesting, I don't get this. Try playing with your font selection/size.
Marko-5 days ago
Hi, thanks for reply. Thanks to the an Italian Mint support Forum I found a "very easy" solution. To be clear I must say that this issue happens only with Firefox. Anyway, even if it's in italian language, I post here the link where follow the solution in hoping can help others.
Kris Springer
Kris Springer-1 month ago
I love that everything is dark, but I've been trying to figure out how to get a 1px blue border around each window/app. When I have lots of overlapping windows open everything just blends together and it's difficult to decipher what's what. Can you inform me of what graphic file or css line to edit to get a window border? I've edited a bunch of files and can't seem to find the correct one.
merriander-1 month ago
This shows a more dramatic example of the colouring of fields in an entry form for the web-based genealogy program GeneWeb when the Mint-Y-Yltra-Dark theme is used for "Contols".
merriander-1 month ago
In general I like the look of this theme and it mostly works well. However there are a few glitches. I found this bit of green when I went to take a screenshot Also some fields, dropdown boxes and scrollbars on web pages are being coloured black e.g here in Tweetdeck
DriNeo-2 months ago
I tested dozens themes and the "Yltra" themes (Dark or Light) are the only ones who fully works on my machine.
Raj Gopi
Raj Gopi-5 months ago
Thanks for this theme. Finally its all dark everywhere
RPMBend-8 months ago
Thanks for this theme! How do I get the dark background in the shell? i.e the file folders like in your screenshot.?
james griess
james griess-7 months ago
In case you havent found it yet, you need to change the controls to this theme as well