UUID: Mint-Y-Yltra-Dark
Score: 4
Last edited: 2 months ago
Last commit: 8d8648f6433a4b1abba4076cc7d04d657e60d596

Modded blueish version of the original Mint-Y theme

If you find some mintish green leftovers or other bugs, please let me know. :-)

Note: The icons seen on the screenshots are "Yltra-Flat-Arch-Blue" by Erik Dubois. I'm using a slightly modified version of it, so some icons might be different.

You can download his icon-theme here:

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Raj Gopi
Raj Gopi-3 months ago
Thanks for this theme. Finally its all dark everywhere
RPMBend-6 months ago
Thanks for this theme! How do I get the dark background in the shell? i.e the file folders like in your screenshot.?
james griess
james griess-5 months ago
In case you havent found it yet, you need to change the controls to this theme as well