UUID: Mint-Y-Yltra-Light
Last edited:
5 months ago 2018-07-11, 17:07 UTC
Last commit: [98e380bf] Mint-Y-Yltra-Light - GTK3.22 support (#433)

Modded blueish version of the original Mint-Y theme including Cinnamon, GTK 3.18 and GTK3.22 support



If you find some mintish green leftovers or other bugs, please let me know. :-)

Note: The icons seen on the screenshots are "Yltra-Flat-Arch-Blue" by Erik Dubois. I'm using a slightly modified version of it, so some icons might be different.

You can download his icon-theme here:

Changelog: 11/07/2018 - GTK3.22 support added by smurphos -

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Minessota Klei
Minessota Klei-4 months ago
Hi, Could you make the "Darker" version of the theme for Linux Mint 19!?
mintalicious-5 months ago
I love this theme! But it's broken using the new Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
Eduardo Garbin
Eduardo Garbin-1 year ago
I love this theme! Mint + great blue. Thanks a lot!
Sadi Yumuşak
Sadi Yumuşak-1 year ago
It seems it might be a better idea to limit the modification to colors only - replacing all shades of green with blue, which might also make it easier to update the theme in keeping with the upstream. Currently it seems some extra modifications are causing some apps that are not 100% GTK3 or simply GTK2 based (e.g. LibreOffice, Bleachbit, medit) have unmatching (too light) toolbar background color.
Sadi Yumuşak
Sadi Yumuşak-1 year ago
Great theme! Thanks a lot :-)
Rudertier-1 year ago
Nice theme.