New-Minty (with joined menus)

by germanfr
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This is a fork of the New-Minty theme with some variations. Original author: zagortenary333 (

New-Minty with joined menus for Cinnamon

This is a fork of the New-Minty theme with some variations.


Move the New-Minty folder into your ~/.themes directory.


The latest version of this theme is on the master branch, and it supports cinnamon version 3.2.

For older versions, check the available releases.


The default font is Liberation Sans with FreeSans and Roboto fallbacks.

To change the font, edit the cinnamon.css file at selector stage (beginning of file).

Menu Icons

Check out the menu-icons dir which contains a lot of cool menu icons. :yum:


The watch script will watch the chosen dirs for changes and recompile sass and reload the theme when a change occurs.

  • Script dependencies:
    • inotifywait
    • sassc

The script creates a link to the New-Minty dir in ~/.themes.

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Bima Novendra
Bima Novendra-1 month ago
I've moved the New-Minty folder in the ".themes" folder. but my theme has not changed ? I use debian 9.2.1. please teach me. I used debian a few days ago.
Martin Rys
Martin Rys-2 weeks ago
gsettings set org.cinnamon.theme name "New-Minty"

Alternative to using the GUI.
Germán Franco
Germán Franco-3 weeks ago
You have installed it. Now you have to choose it in the theme settings. Right-click on any panel, click themes and choose Railway as the desktop theme.
Grigorijs-1 month ago
Hi. Very cool theme.
Can you make a blue color on the buttons instead green. Similar like in "Mint-Y-Yltra-Dark" theme.
Marco Christiansen
Marco Christiansen-3 months ago
Awesome job! but was the green color on the buttons, not a little more saturated in the old Minty version?
hitlerhitler-4 months ago
Looks nice but it doesn't install correctly for me. For instance the menu's are transparent and the menu button looks the same as standard. Not like in the screenshot. I rebooted but the problem persists. help,
Germán Franco
Germán Franco-3 months ago
You probably running an old version of Cinnamon. It's currently compatible with 3.2 and above. You can find old releases here (though they are for the original theme)

If this still doesn't solve your problem, you can open a more detailed issue here:
Moisés Santana
Moisés Santana-4 months ago
I can't install icon.
How install the icon theme? (sorry I not speak english)
Germán Franco
Germán Franco-4 months ago
The icon theme is not included. It's called Moka btw.
Kleiver Efraín Fonseca Suárez
Mago de Oz, cabrones! :D
joaobmatias-5 months ago
Awesome! Thank you
KaMyKaSii-6 months ago
Beautiful, I really liked it. Thank you!
Алексей Ситников
Super. Great job!
Clement Lefebvre
Clement Lefebvre-6 months ago
Looks nice indeed