Numix Cinnamon Transparent

UUID: Numix-Cinnamon-Transparent
Last edited:
1 month ago 2023-08-20, 01:56
Last commit: [4602bc73] Numix Cinnamon Transparent/Semi-transparent: Prevent limiting of menu applet height (#748)

Transparent version of Numix-Cinnamon Theme from zagortenay333 with shorter window list's tab.



Original theme: Numix-Cinnamon Theme

_conky: conky_dodo_

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richo-1 year ago
es super bonito, ojala cambiara todo el escritorio y no solo la barra de tareas.
Reagan Chandramohan
Great theme! Just encountering a couple of issues using it in Linux Mint 20.2 though: 1. When the panel is made vertical, the date and time shown by the "World Clock Calendar" applet appears to be left-aligned rather than centre-aligned. 2. The "Workspace Switcher" applet showing Simple Buttons appears to show very flat rectangles, partly obscuring the workspace numbers printed inside the rectangles.
BlackCatte-4 years ago
Doesn't seem to work properly with Mint 19.2. There are translucent white borders and gradients around and on panel icons.
VibSel-5 years ago
How to modify it exactly like the screenshot?
ADevDX-5 years ago
which zsh theme used ?
Aashutosh Rathi
Aashutosh Rathi-5 years ago
How to apply this theme? I have extracted it in /.themes.
Vladimir Pavlychev
Vladimir Pavlychev-5 years ago
Menu > Preferences > Themes ... Then clik to Icon in Desktop section > in PopUp choose **Numix Cinnamon Transparent**
Ehsan Amini
Ehsan Amini-5 years ago
hi i cant install the theme please record desktop to installing the theme
Band1to-5 years ago
Awesome !
keepkay-5 years ago
What is the implementation of the macOS icon in the lower left corner
keepkay-5 years ago
This style is simply too handsome!!!!! I want to ask two questions 1. What version of arch? is Lightdm? 2. The Skype tray icon too big .how to fix Thanks
rizgarrr-5 years ago
Could you also make a non-transparent (solid) numix theme please.
edoz90-5 years ago
you should use the original theme:
Henrique-5 years ago
Could you point out which border/window theme you used for the screenshoot?
Jd Welch
Jd Welch-5 years ago
How can I get the icons to show up on the bottom like you have in the picture?
edoz90-5 years ago
Plank with transparent theme and 'la capitaine' icons
Manzarul Haque
Manzarul Haque-6 years ago
when I installed this theme, I was not able to open system settings or open any folder, when I checked in terminal the following error appeared (cinnamon:3012): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-widgets-assets.css:282:40: Missing name of pseudo-class
Pablo PD
Pablo PD-6 years ago
What terminal is this? I like the time function.
edoz90-6 years ago
Terminator with powerlevel9k ( zsh theme
ADevDX-5 years ago
@edoz90 which zsh theme !?
MInessota-6 years ago
Gostei bastante desse tema!
Eli Griv
Eli Griv-6 years ago
Does anyone know what is the system monitor in the botom right hand corner? I would appreciate to have it.
calabrations-6 years ago
I really wanted to find this out too. Appears that it is Conky with a custom configuration called 'Dodo' by the guy who posted this theme. I found it here:
Dannation-6 years ago
Love this theme, wish it had window borders and controls, but it's awesome regardless!