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A dark theme inspired by vinceliuice's Orchis Theme (https://github.com/vinceliuice/Orchis-theme)



Orchidea Theme

A theme inspired by vinceliuice's Orchis Theme (https://github.com/vinceliuice/Orchis-theme).


See LICENSE file.


To the original creator of Orchis Theme for the assets and some snippets of source code from the original theme.

Development section


Theme (in all variants) can be built using the script build.js. Output files will be written in ./files folder.

node ./build.js


Use following command to quickly compile sass files:

# Compile Orange Dark theme variant
sass src/cinnamon-orange-dark.scss files/Orchidea-orange-dark/cinnamon/cinnamon.css --no-source-map --watch

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joshualbird-1 year ago
This is incredible, thank you!
Shadowblitz16-1 year ago
Can you make a version where the colors more consistent? It looks like you are using different colors/transparency for the different widgets and windows
angelotux-1 year ago
can you also put round edges all over the window?
mfreeman72-1 year ago
Cinnamon does not support rounded bottom edges, and they don't seem interested in adding any support for that feature.
Buhrdt-1 year ago
I really enjoy this theme, simple, but has a nice modern feel.
Eren-1 year ago
Wonderful theme! What do you think about removing the borders around the taskbar and having it spawn the full width?
RedBearAK-1 year ago
I was notified that this was available by the Spices Update applet I literally just installed yesterday. Seems I might have been the first one to download the theme via the Themes app. It's kind of amazing. I like it more than any of the other "popular" themes I've checked out so far (via the Themes app). Real "Big Sur" vibes, and I mean that as a compliment. But it's got one major issue for me, which is that I don't see a way to disable or reduce the main panel transparency. I auto-hide my main panel (at the top of the screen) for more vertical screen space on a laptop, so when it overlays on a busy background like a web browser with lots of tabs open, it is pretty useless when it's transparent. I searched around and found the "Transparent panels" extension, which has a toggle to completely disable transparency, and a drop-down that sets transparency to "Semi-transparent". This seems to work to make the top panel completely black when there is a window of some kind on the screen. But when the desktop is visible the panel is still semi-transparent. It kind of depends on the wallpaper but I've never really liked even semi-transparent panels. With the wallpaper always changing (via Variety) you never know how usable the semi-transparent panel will be. I wish I could choose to make it opaque at all times. At least semi-transparent is better than the default "With shadow" option, but the "Transparent panels" extension doesn't provide a flat-out "No transparency" option. Anyway, other than the fact that a pop-up (or pop-down in my case) panel is virtually unreadable on a busy screen, this theme is really impressive. The Cinnamon menu looks fantastic. Well, actually the theme only seems to be having an influence on the "desktop" parts of Cinnamon. Panel, menu, right-click menus from the panel. The calendar pop-up dialog. The volume/brightness OSDs. If it's supposed to also have options for window borders, icons and controls, those options are not appearing for me in the Themes app. Again, I just installed this via the Add-Remove tab in the built-in Themes app in Cinnamon. Don't know if there's a better way to do it.