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3 years ago 2019-12-29, 09:18
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A theme with dark photocopier background on panels, menus and popups. Blue highlight on hover. A little margin around the menus to take them just off the panel. Fast animations



Compatible with cinnamon 3.4


  • Backgrounds:
  • Some design elements from theme Tyr himinn

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Simon Brown
Simon Brown-6 years ago
I find this quite an easy theme to live with. Of course I admit I am biased as I wrote it, but I think it does quite a lot right. The fast animations make it feel snappy and responsive, and the dark photocopy background is both interesting and relatively undistracting. There are two issues I know about (running on Cinnamon 3.4), neither of which I think are directly to do with the theme, but which I shall attempt to get to the bottom of anyway. The first is that the text-shadow effect on the menu can cause overlaid menu text from the previous menu category if you mouse over the menu categories without moving the mouse over the applications. The second is that the background on a tall and high right click menu [say the right click menu on the window list] can fail to cover the box, leaving the default dark grey visible. That would ideally appear to need the CSS % facility to be added to Cinnamon, though I suspect I can work around that one in the theme.