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Simple flat theme

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Phillip H. Blanton
Nice theme, however it replaces my menu icon with a new nicer one, but doesn't remove the old one, so they are stacked on top of one another. Not sure how to solve that.
asceel-2 years ago
The most beautiful theme. Quite underrated.
sanawu-3 years ago
If you like having your own menu icon, DO NOT USE THIS THEME
sanawu-3 years ago
Your theme has a fixed Mint logo that sits under my Menu icon, it is hideous when I don't want it, why on Earth do you have a fixed image of the Mint logo, it ruins customistations that use their own branding for the menu
Adriaan Nel
Adriaan Nel-4 years ago
Is there any way to remove the custom start menu icon that seems to be hard coded in the silk theme?
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson-4 years ago
Had the same drama, but you can right-click the menu icon, Configure... and enable the "Use a custom icon and label" option.
Phillip H. Blanton
I was too quick to reply. If you choose the "start-here-symbolic" icon then it disappears and the theme icon shows properly.
Phillip H. Blanton
No. You can't. All that does is allow you to overlay a different menu icon on top of the one that the theme author chose. Nothing you can do with the standard controls will allow you to run the launcher without any menu icon, which is what you'd have to do with this theme.