Spearmint Leaf

UUID: Spearmint-Leaf
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4 years ago 2019-12-29, 10:25
Last commit: [86856679] Fonts2912: remove some hard coded fonts (#605)

The goal of this theme was to combine Spearmint theme by razor020 with MintLeaf theme by luisrafaelgalvez and this is the result



Spearmint Leaf was a combined effort between myself and Luisrafaelgalvez. So be sure to thank him for this theme as well, as he did do most of the work on this project.

The goal of this theme was to combine my Spearmint theme with his MintLeaf theme and this is the result.

You can find his themes here: [link]

and my themes here: [link]

Hope you enjoy this theme!


To install this theme just place the extracted file in either ~/.themes/ or /.usr/share/themes/


Walllpaper: [link]
Icons by Tiheum: [link]



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Blue-Sauce-2 years ago
Mint 20.3 bug: clock text was grey. Fix: in cinnamon.css search for "Applets (applet.js)" then add .applet-label { font-weight: bold; color: #000; } Very nice theme!
Simon Brown
Simon Brown-5 years ago
An interesting and well executed theme. Quite individual, so won't be to everyone's taste, but definitely interesting.