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Spider-Void is a dramatic theme for Cinnamon



Spider-Void is a dramatic theme for Cinnamon, packaged with matching window themes for a complete experience.
More of Frankula's work can be found at https://plus.google.com/communities/105043009531408262017
The black diamond theme found there is a popular and well regarded design.

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ralphsmole-4 years ago
How do I install the sidebar?
dewman12-4 years ago
well done. my friend
Lance May
Lance May-5 years ago
Sure would like to see numbered days in the calendar instead of black boxes. Otherwise it's really snazzy! All I use on my every day PC.
Fascinatio-5 years ago
Working on Mint 18.3, like this one :) Great job!! Thanks for this one
Jon Williams
Jon Williams-6 years ago
I have to swallow my own words it now works super
Jon Williams
Jon Williams-6 years ago
it does not work on linux 18.2
Jon Budik
Jon Budik-6 years ago
Looks awesome but i can't get all of it to work